Soul of a Lost Undead


In Game Description

Soul of a lost Undead who has
long ago gone Hollow.

Use to acquire souls.

Souls are the source of all life,
and whether Undead, or even Hollow,
one continues to seek them.


  • Provides 200 souls when consumed


  • Undead Asylum x1
    • Located on the cliff opposite of Snuggly's trading nest.
  • Firelink Shrine x6
    • At the top of the stairs by the elevator to the Undead Parish.
    • Hugging a cliffside-wall to the left of the watery area.
    • On the walkway above the watery area, near the giant crow.
    • x3 near and inside the aqueduct tunnel.
  • Upper Undead Burg x3
    • In the room after the first fog gate.
    • In the building below the first, outdoor breakable barrels.
    • On the platform with the three firebomb-throwing hollows.
  • Blighttown
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