• Souls can be obtained in 'loose form' by killing enemies. These are added to the current total in the bottom right of the HUD.
  • The number of Souls an enemy drops in loose form depends on the current playthrough and to some extent the Damage inflicted.
  • Souls in 'solid form' can be collected as treasure or by killing Bosses.
  • Refer to the Soul Farming page for guidance on accumulating souls faster.
Icon Name Use Availability
firekeeper-soul.png Fire Keeper Soul Consume for 5 Humanity
Upgrade effectiveness of Estus Flask
Undead Parish treasure
New Londo Ruins treasure
Blighttown treasure
The Duke's Archives treasure
Knight Lautrec of Carim drop (if he kills Anastacia of Astora)
Lady of the Darkling drop
Quelaag's Sister drop
soul-of-a-lost-undead.png Soul of a Lost Undead Consume for 200 souls1 Various locations
large-soul-of-a-lost-undead.png Large Soul of a Lost Undead Consume for 400 souls2 Various locations
soul-of-a-nameless-soldier.png Soul of a Nameless Soldier Consume for 800 souls Various locations
large-soul-of-a-nameless-soldier.png Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier Consume for 1000 souls Various locations
soul-of-a-proud-knight.png Soul of a Proud Knight Consume for 2000 souls Various locations
large-soul-of-a-proud-knight.png Large Soul of a Proud Knight Consume for 3000 souls Various locations
soul-of-a-brave-warrior.png Soul of a Brave Warrior Consume for 5000 souls Various locations
large-soul-of-a-brave-warrior.png Large Soul of a Brave Warrior Consume for 8000 souls Various locations
soul-of-a-hero.png Soul of a Hero Consume for 10000 souls Various locations
soul-of-a-great-hero.png Soul of a Great Hero Consume for 20000 souls Various locations
soul-of-the-moonlight-butterfly.png Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly Consume for 1200 souls3
Craft Crystal Ring Shield
Craft Moonlight Butterfly Horn
Defeat the Moonlight Butterfly
soul-of-quelaag.png Soul of Quelaag Consume for 8000 souls4
Craft Quelaag's Furysword
Craft Chaos Blade
Defeat Chaos Witch Quelaag
core-of-an-iron-golem.png Core of an Iron Golem Consume for 12000 souls
Craft Golem Axe
Craft Dragon Bone Fist
Defeat Iron Golem
soul-of-ornstein.png Soul of Ornstein Consume for 12000 souls
Craft Dragonslayer Spear
Defeat Dragon Slayer Ornstein
soul-of-smough.png Soul of Smough Consume for 12000 souls
Craft Smough's Hammer
Defeat Executioner Smough
soul-of-priscilla.png Soul of Priscilla Consume for 12000 souls5
Craft Lifehunt Scythe
Defeat Crossbreed Priscilla
guardian-soul.png Guardian Soul Consume for 12000 souls
Defeat Sanctuary Guardian
soul-of-sif.png Soul of Sif Consume for 16000 souls
Craft Greatsword of Artorias
Craft Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed)
Craft Greatshield of Artorias
Defeat Sif, the Great Grey Wolf
soul-of-gwyndolin.png Soul of Gwyndolin Consume for 16000 souls6
Craft Darkmoon Bow
Craft Tin Darkmoon Catalyst
Defeat Dark Sun Gwyndolin
soul-of-artorias.png Soul of Artorias Consume for 16000 souls
Craft Abyss Greatsword
Trade for Gold Tracer and Dark Silver Tracer
Defeat Knight Artorias
soul-of-manus.png Soul of Manus Consume for 18000 souls
Craft Manus Catalyst
Trade for Pursuers
Defeat Manus, Father of The Abyss
soul-of-gwyn-lord-of-cinder.png Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder Consume for 20000 souls7
Craft Great Lord Greatsword
Trade for Sunlight Spear
Defeat Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
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