Stagger is a state where your character (or the enemy) is reeling backwards and the character can do nothing in that time. Stagger is different from a Poise break, characters in staggered state take extra damage and stagger has longer duration than a Poise break.


A staggered character takes 40% extra damage from everything, including spells (Pyromancies, Sorceries, and Miracles). Hitting a staggered character produces a green hit flash instead of the usual white.


There are many ways a character can become staggered:

  • A blocking character is drained of their Stamina
  • An attacking character is being deflected
  • An attacking character hits a wall
  • An attacking character is being parried
  • A character is getting kicked
  • An enemy has fallen on the character (can be prevented if the character is blocking)

Additionally, players will take 40% more damage if hit while sprinting or rolling.

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