Status Effects

Status Effect

A wide range of equipment can create a Status effect. An icon appears in the top left of the HUD to indicate the current effect(s).

Icon Status Notes
abyss-walking.png Abyss Walking available Covenant of Artorias equipped
add-poise.png Additional Poise gained Wolf Ring equipped
Havel's Greatshield buff
stat-up-20.png +20% Enhanced Stats Ring of Favor and Protection equipped
miracle-boost.png Enhance Spell/ Miracle Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring equipped
Lingering Dragoncrest Ring equipped
Ring of the Sun Princess equipped
Ring of the Sun's Firstborn equipped
Crown of Dusk equipped
durability-up.png Slows loss of Weapon Durability East Wood Grain Ring equipped
lava-def-up.png Lava Walking and Kick available Orange Charred Ring equipped
hp-up-with-hit.png Gain HP from fallen enemies /
Player slowed down by enemy casting
Ring of the Evil Eye equipped
Tranquil Walk of Peace cast upon player
Stone Greatsword special-attack cast upon player
item-disc-up.png Increased Item Discovery or Soulgain Covetous Gold Serpent Ring equipped
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring equipped
rros-equip.png (Rare) Ring of Sacrifice active Ring of Sacrifice equipped
Rare Ring of Sacrifice equipped
stam-regen.png Faster Stamina regeneration /
HP regeneration /
Fall damage reduced
Cloranthy Ring equipped
Grass Crest Shield equipped
Mask of the Child equipped
Green Blossom consumed
Sanctus equipped
Replenishment cast by player
Bountiful Sunlight cast by player
Elizabeth's Mushroom consumed
Fall Control cast by player
def-up.png Defense up /
Pyromancy buff active
Ring of Steel Protection equipped
Flame Stoneplate Ring equipped
Thunder Stoneplate Ring equipped
Spell Stoneplate Ring equipped
Speckled Stoneplate Ring equipped
Magic Barrier cast by player
Great Magic Barrier cast by player
Flash Sweat cast by player
Iron Flesh cast by player
Power Within cast by player
atk-up.png Attack up Leo Ring equipped
Hornet Ring equipped
Hawk Ring equipped
Karmic Justice cast by player
Channeler's Trident buff cast upon player
stealth-up.png Stealth Boost Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring equipped
Ring of Fog equipped
Hidden Body cast by player
Hush cast by player
aux-res-boost.png Auxiliary Resistance Boost /
Bloodbite Ring equipped (Bleed)
Cursebite Ring equipped (Curse)
Poisonbite Ring equipped (Poison)
Bloodshield equipped (Various)
Vow of Silence cast by player
Seek Guidance cast by player
tearstone-boost.png Tearstone Boost Blue Tearstone Ring activated
Red Tearstone Ring activated
broken-equipment.png Gear At Risk or Broken Equipped weapon or armor at
30% or less durability

Status Ailments

Status ailments happen when attacks apply status points on you until they overcome your resistance. This is displayed to you by a bar on your screen with an icon and a inner color bar that fills it. The bar lengthens as you increase your resistances. The colored bar retracts as long as you are not being subjected to the status effect.

Icon Status Notes
bleed.png Bleed Reduces a fixed percentage of the player's health when meter is filled
curse.png Curse Player dies and respawns with half health when meter is filled
poison.png Poison Player is inflicted with poison and loses HP at a steady rate when meter is filled
toxic.png Toxic Player is inflicted with toxic and loses HP at a steady rate when meter is filled


See also Parasite Egg

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