Stone Guardian

stone guardian

General Information

Stone Guardians are even larger versions of the Giant Stone Knights in the Darkroot Garden. They carry the Stone Greataxe, which can deal a lot of damage. They have an extremely wide aggro range, and generally won't stop following you until one of you dies (exceptions are the two guarding the exit and the one guarding the Blue Titanite Slab). A couple patrolling Guardians will peer over the landscape and can even spot stealthed characters from a distance.


Royal Wood
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 560 1,000
NG+ 879 2,000
NG+6 1,099 2,500


Attack Patterns

  • Overhead smash leading into an area of effect attack (if close).
  • Dashing overhead smash, also followed by an AoE attack (if close).
  • Side swipe (they can chain this into an alternating combo, up to 3 swings).
  • Two-handed side swing (swings twice from the same side).


Farming Stone Guardians can be a little difficult because of the Scarecrows and other Stone Guardians. If you do farm them you should have the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and 10 Humanity.


  • High resistance to Slash, Thrust, Fire and Lightning damage.
  • Immune to Bleed and Poison.


  • Vulnerability to Strike-type physical attacks.


All their moves telegraph obviously, and take a long time to execute. By using a fast weapon and light armour, you can take advantage of their very slow attack patterns.
Equpping the Dark Wood Grain Ring with a light load can assist the player in dodging them.

Two-handing your weapon instead of using a shield is recommended since blocking will likely deplete your stamina. If you insist on using a shield, make sure only to block the overhead smashes as the follow up attack is slow enough for you to recover and back away or circle around. A few of them are placed in areas where you can lure them underneath a bank, quickly run up above them and perform a plunging attack.
Similarly to Havel the Rock, their overhead attacks will track you even if you dodge at the last second. Circling them is a much better strategy.

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