Symbol of Avarice
Symbol of Avarice

In Game Description

Monster head resembling a treasure chest.
Once an ancient god, it is said this is the
symbol of shame imposed on a long lost clan,
exiled for the sin of avarice.

Wearing this slightly raises soul absorption
and item discovery, but also affects its
wearer with the curse of the branded.


Rare drop from Mimic. Check the Mimic's page for farming tips. Also, if you kill every available Mimic in one playthrough, the last one you defeat will always drop it.

General Information

  • Drains health at the rate of 5 HP/Second.
  • Adds +200 to Item Discovery.
  • Increases soul drop by 20%.
Image Name Physical Defense Elemental Defense Resistance Poise Durability Weight Frampt Souls
symbol-of-avarice.png Symbol of Avarice 21 / 10.9 / 21 / 21 8/2/2 10/0/0 15 - 10.0 3,000


  • The soul drop effect of this helmet does stack with the soul increase of Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. It will increase to 144%. (120% * 1.20 = 144%) Also stacks with 20% soul increases from overkill, increasing the amount of souls to 172.8%. (144% *1.20 = 172.8%)
  • There's a time gap between the death of a boss and its soul drop. You can equip this helmet and/or Covetous Silver Serpent Ring in this time frame, and you will still get extra souls. The time frame is quite long; you can fully view a boss' death animation and still have time to switch gears.
  • Due to its regular health drain, this item is a good choice for safely reaching the required health for using the Red Tearstone Ring.
  • The health drain continues even when resting at bonfire. If you want to peruse your spells or items at a bonfire, remember to take it off or it will kill you right at the bonfire.
  • The size of the chest makes it very hard to aim with a bow when it is equipped, though if you use the Ring of Fog it is easy to aim a bow by seeing through the chest.
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