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Dark Hand S 19 Feb 2017 09:51 (rev. 114) karasuhebi
Edited Quelaana's name so the link would work, added the forest hunters to the bottom of the list.
Solaire of Astora S 18 Feb 2017 05:42 (rev. 241) FallenToPieces
Added greater lightning Spear miracle that he uses later in the game.
Soul Farming S 16 Feb 2017 22:25 (rev. 220) DarkSilver88
Undead Merchant Male S 14 Feb 2017 17:38 (rev. 60) illusorywall
You successfully reverted the page to revision number 58
To Do S 12 Feb 2017 23:29 (rev. 453) LordofSandvich
Demon's Great Hammer S 12 Feb 2017 23:16 (rev. 65) LordofSandvich
Pretty confident that the Demon's Great Hammer deals Strike damage. Checked.
Undead Merchant Male S 12 Feb 2017 22:47 (rev. 59) adventuretime1
I don't know what triggers that specific line. I just talked to him after beating Anor Londo and it happened.
Pyromancy Flame A 12 Feb 2017 18:13 (rev. 129) LordofSandvich
Removed tags: cleanup.
Pyromancy Flame S 12 Feb 2017 18:09 (rev. 128) LordofSandvich
Fixed my previous edit that said it had a fake A scaling.
Pyromancy Flame (Ascended) S 12 Feb 2017 18:09 (rev. 10) LordofSandvich
Changed information to reflect changes to the [[[Pyromancy Flame]]]
Pyromancy Flame S 12 Feb 2017 18:02 (rev. 127) LordofSandvich
Cleaned up the page. Removed the extra information in General Information (comparison to Sorcery, confusing info about the fake INT scaling) and the weird snippet above the flavor text.
Pyromancy Flame S 12 Feb 2017 17:59 (rev. 126) LordofSandvich
Cleaned up the page.
To Do S 12 Feb 2017 17:51 (rev. 452) LordofSandvich
Fixed minor errors.
Armored Zombie S 12 Feb 2017 17:49 (rev. 6) LordofSandvich
Marked page for deletion.
To Do S 12 Feb 2017 17:48 (rev. 451) LordofSandvich
I fixed the Black Knight Halberd information, but the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring makes no mention of Miracles, which it can effect. I believe VoS, TWoP, and Karm. Just. are affected.
Black Knight Halberd S 12 Feb 2017 17:43 (rev. 79) LordofSandvich
Removed unnecessary text about its moveset. The strong attacks are replaced; the table is universally for Halberds.
Black Knight Halberd S 12 Feb 2017 17:41 (rev. 78) LordofSandvich
Clarified the counter hit bonuses on weak attacks and the extra Poise damage.
Myths S 11 Feb 2017 11:44 (rev. 19) Skaidan
Adding as FALSE the fact that levelling up Intelligence affects Pyromancy Flame's punch attack
help: Include Weapon S 09 Feb 2017 04:12 (rev. 13) LordofSandvich
Changed Great Axe to Large Club to reflect patch changes. Added information about invisible modifiers for Thrust Swords and Daggers.
help: Include Shield S 09 Feb 2017 04:06 (rev. 9) LordofSandvich
Changed the incorrect information about shield damage types.
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