The Bed of Chaos


The Witch of Izalith attempted to duplicate the First Flame from a soul, but instead created a distorted being of chaos and fire. Its power formed a bed of life which consumed the witch and her followers: The Bed of Chaos, source of all demons.


Lost Izalith

Playthrough HP Souls
First 1 60,000
NG+ <5 120,000
NG+6 - 150,000


Lord Soul (The Bed of Chaos)


  • This is the only boss against where dying doesn't impede your progress.
    • Dying will not restore the glowing roots, they are permanently destroyed, so you can destroy one root, die, then come back and destroy the other, die again, and then kill its heart. Quitting the game and reloading works too, you can simply kill one root, quit the game and, when you reload, you'll start outside the white light door again.
  • After you defeat the boss, a Bonfire will appear which will allow you to warp out.


  • If you are not good at dodging the horizontal attacks, use a shield with high stability.
  • While inside the spheres (before destroying the root) you are safe to heal.

Attack Patterns

  • Attacks with its hands in a horizontal direction.
  • After destroying one object, a large appendage will appear on the boss's back, this has a longer range than the boss's hands and will attack the player with vertical swings.
  • After destroying both objects, the two appendages that appeared can surround the player on both sides and create a flame pillar between them.
  • After destroying both objects sporadic pillars of flame will burst from the ground. The location of these pillars is telegraphed by glowing orange circles appearing on the ground prior to activation. This attack is of particular noteworthiness as it may hit the player even inside the path to its "heart".
  • The boss may occasionally rain many small fireballs from the sky
  • There may be an attack similar to the Demon Firesage's magic area of effect attack, only seen on later New Games (Thus far only seen on NG+7 upwards). It will activate when the player is standing in the area outside of the branches leading into the Bed of Chaos' heart.

Basic Strategy

There is a sequence to this fight:

  1. Destroy one of the two glowing roots
  2. Destroy the other glowing root. The two glowing roots are on each side of the boss. To get to those, stay to the outside of the arena and run around.
  3. Destroy the heart. A path to the heart opens after the floor falls away. The root which takes you to the heart is under the floor; when you run up the root, you end up back at floor level at the base of the boss. From there, attack or roll against the break-away roots and destroy the heart.

Detailed Strategy

  1. When the fight starts you will see a glowing orange sphere on each side of the boss. Inside each sphere there are a bunch of roots; roll through them to find a glowing yellow root that must be destroyed. You need to destroy the roots on both sides.
  2. Each time you destroy an object the boss will grow a large scythelike tentacle out of its back, this will attack near your vicinity. It doesn't seem to directly focus in on the player.
  3. When you destroy the first root, the floor will start to give way so be careful not to fall. Sticking to the non-tiled circular ring on the floor is a good bet, although you will have to venture over the tiles occasionally as roots will block your path.
  4. After destroying both roots on the sides, you can go into the middle area near the boss, be careful because the entire floor in front of her will give out. When it does you need to jump on a root and then run up to her in order to enter a cavity underneath his head. The best way to jump is to run directly at her from when you first slide into the boss arena, then jump slightly to the right. Be careful as a minor appendage will appear in attempt to knock you away from making the drop. If this isn't working, try to approach to just beyond the range of its sweeping attacks, while remaining in between its orange scythe-like attacks. After the Bed sweeps with its right hand, start running toward it. Be prepared to turn briefly to the left while blocking, to block its second sweep attack. With decent Stamina and a shield of moderate stability, you will not be knocked down, and you can continue running and make the leap while the Bed recovers from these attacks.
  5. Once inside you will need to roll against or attack a variety of small roots in order to get to his heart (rolling is very efficient since it both breaks the roots and brings your character forward). Watch out for blasts of fire inside this tunnel. The Flame Stoneplate Ring ring might be a good idea here. Find his heart, and hit it just once to destroy it. Note that the heart is a small insect like creature that can damage you. Deal with it swiftly.

Two Phantom Co-op Strategy

  1. Summon two phantoms.
  2. With two phantoms, both roots would somehow automatically destroyed. Host must land on the boss area before phantoms can enter, so get a good shield to protect yourself while waiting.
  3. Have at least one phantom stay behind to distract the boss, just have her running back and forth to attract boss' melee attack, while the host or another phantom run up to destroy the bug.

Ranged strategy

  1. Run to right sphere, keeping clear of the centre area in front of the boss where it performs large wide arm sweeps
  2. Kill the glowing root
  3. Run back to front of the boss, keep to periphery of room, watching out for the collapsing ground. The new glowing scythe arm hits only specific areas and does not track you, watch for these areas and avoid them or time your movement to avoid being hit.
  4. Move to the left around the edge of the room, watching out for the scythe arm hit areas. You will run under one root, and will eventually be stopped by a second root at the edge
  5. Fire arrows from here at the glowing root at the centre of the left sphere until the root is killed - aiming spot here:
  6. Return to centre of room at room periphery. Note the scythe arm impact locations and avoid those. The boss will start to use Firestorm at your location occasionally as well, roll forward quickly when you see the glows around you.
  7. After reaching the room edge right in front of the boss, move forward carefully (keep shield up), more ground will collapse in front of you. The large arm sweeps should trigger when you get closer. You can see a large root just below the middle of the collapsed area. Your aim is to jump on that large root. Move a bit closer to trigger the arm sweeps without getting hit. The moment the second arm sweep goes past you, dash forward and jump very slightly to the right near the edge of the collapsed ground to land on the large root.
  8. Run forward until you are blocked by a lot of small branches. Roll forward repeatedly to break through the small branches without slowing down, as the boss may still hit you with Firestorms at this point. You will reach a small glowing enemy kill it quickly (should be one hit) to end the boss fight.

Big root cover strategy

  1. Run to either the right or the left sphere (the left sphere is recommended)
  2. Destroy the roots blocking your way and kill the glowing root.
  3. Sprint to the other glowing root, dodging the holes opening on the ground. The boss's attacks shouldn't hit you if you are sprinting.
  4. Destroy the roots blocking your way and then destroy the second glowing root.
  5. Once the cutscene is over, immediately sprint back to the beginning of the area (where you drop after sliding to the boss fight) dodging the holes, the attacks shouldn't hit you.
  6. From here, look to your left, there is a big root coming out from the ground, run for it and stay behind it, the boss's attacks (most the scythe attacks) can't hit you here.
  7. Wait for the scythe attack and run forward, once the boss starts swing his arms get back a little, once she is done with the arms swing attack, sprint forward (aiming to the big root inside the hole) and the jump. You should land right on the root that takes you to the boss's heart.
  8. Now, just run up and enter the boss, destroy the roots blocking your way (don't take too long, otherwise the boss can hit you with an attack similar to the Chaos Storm which can easily one-hit kill low level players) and then destroy the heart with a couple of hits.

Homeward Strategy

If you're having trouble running around as the floor falls away after destroying a glowing root, you can safely use the Homeward miracle (or a Homeward Bone) to return to the last bonfire after destroying the root. In the area by the root, you are safe. This way, you can come back three times and have less running around to do. Note, though, that the second trip will still involve floor breaking away as you run to the side of the second glowing root. Alternatively, quit to the main menu after destroying the glowing root to be safely transported back to the fog gate! No running!

Video: Homeward Strategy


Sometimes the game freezes when trying to jump down on the branch in front of The Bed of Chaos to get to the heart. This can possibly be because you die right after the floor breaks in front of the boss. Whenever you go back to fight it, there is still a hole in ground, but the game didn't fully register it for some reason, so when you approach the boss at the point where the floor is supposed to break, you can see debris falling (although the floor has already collapsed) and the game freezes. Solution: Go back to Firelink Shrine (not confirmed with other bonfires) then warp back to Daughter of Chaos and back track to the boss. If you have the shortcut to Lost Izalith unlocked then this should take you 5 minutes, otherwise it's a pain. Going back to Firelink resets the actual graphical portion of the floor, so when you go back the hole is sealed, and when the floor collapse animation occurs, the floor collapses successfully with no freezing and you may continue the game.

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