The Four Kings


Lord Gwyn recognized the foresight of these four great leaders of New Londo, and granted them their ranks and fragments of his Lord Soul. Sadly, they fell into the Dark after a primordial serpent offered them the Art of Lifedrain.


The Abyss
At the center of the (previously) submerged New Londo Ruins. To get to this boss you must first drain the water in the New Londo Ruins, using the Key to the Seal which Ingward will give to you after you acquire the Lordvessel or he will drop it when killed. You then must equip the Covenant of Artorias ring, or you will die when you enter The Abyss.

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 2,354 each King (9,504 total) 60,000
NG+ 3,976 each King (16,060 total) 180,000
NG+6 4,970 each King (20,075 total) 225,000



Witch Beatrice
You must have summoned her for the Moonlight Butterfly fight if you want to summon her here. If you are looking at the bridge to the fog before The Four Kings, turn right. Her Soul Sign is on the left by the wall, near a ledge that would put you back at the beginning of the ruins. Be wary of a Darkwraith attacking from your right.


  • Even though you are fighting "The Four Kings," more than four bosses will spawn if you take too long.
    • Only four can spawn at a time, but additional kings will continue to spawn regardless of how many you've already killed.
    • It is possible to complete the fight with less than four kings spawning if you have a high enough damage output.
  • It's not possible to fight this boss before you have the Covenant of Artorias, because you will die when you jump to The Abyss without it. You must also wear the ring throughout the entire fight, because removing it will kill you immediately. You can safely remove it after you have killed them, though.
  • If you die during the boss fight, getting back to The Abyss can be hard since there are no bonfires in New Londo Ruins. Once the water has been drained out, the quickest way to get to The Abyss from the Firelink Shrine bonfire is as follows:
    • Head down the elevator and into New Londo Ruins using the suspended wooden bridges.
    • Upon reaching the small square where the first two Ghosts appear, run past the ghosts just to their right and then head straight over the ledge leading to the shallow pool below. Be ready when you land as there will be a Darkwraith enemy waiting just beyond the shadows.
    • From there, you can try to run past the enemies blocking your way to The Abyss, although you'll need to be quick about entering the fog gate and then running down the stairs before getting attacked in the back.
    • Note: If you have the Ring of Fog, it helps greatly by reducing the detection range of the Darkwraiths and the Mass of Souls (if you haven't killed it yet). The Hidden Body spell is even better. It provides an effect stronger than that of the Ring of Fog, allowing you to run right past most enemies without them doing anything. Both the ring and the spell do not seem to affect the ghosts, however.
  • Attacking a king during its death animation will still deal damage to the total health bar of the boss, reducing the amount of damage that needs to be done to the last king. Also, during co-op (or if you summoned Witch Beatrice), if another player is held in the grab animation, damage cannot be done to the king doing the grab. However, attacks will again deal damage to the total health bar of the boss, so it is worth continuing the assault.
  • The kings have a grab attack that if you can spot can easily be dodged by moving quickly straight away from them.
  • WARNING: All damage done by the kings is magic, physical defense will do you no good.



  • Fire does a lot of damage, compared to the other damage types
  • Lightning
  • Magic weapons
  • Divine weapons gain a damage bonus against them. The higher the holy modifier, the higher the bonus.

Attack Patterns

  • Horizontal swing attack: the first swing stuns while the second usually kills.
  • Forward thrust attack. Poor tracking.
  • Vertical swing attack. Poor tracking, easily sidestepped. May have follow-up swing.
  • The King rotates completely with his sword extended pointing to the ground, signaling his upcoming attack, then homes in and grabs the player, dealing moderate to high damage, which also takes away one Humanity. It's very difficult to dodge this attack unless you start evading it from the beginning. He has another attack that starts with a very similar animation, so it's advised to start rolling away from him everytime you see him rotating.
  • The King rotates completely, this time covering himself with his wing, after a short delay creates an explosion for heavy damage. This attack has a similar starting animation than the attack mentioned above. You may even want to block this attack with your shield (the Crest Shield absorbs a good amount of its magical damage) as long as you're sure it's not the grab attack and also that you can withstand it.
  • He tries to gain some distance from you and then creates a homing projectile that moves very slow to the player, but it's difficult to dodge. If the projectile hits, the king may follow-up with a sword swing before you get up. The projectile disperses after 15 seconds, although only the animation stops and the projectile continues for a few seconds more. The projectile can also be blocked by a shield (again, the Crest Shield block almost all its magical damage) if hit head on but will still do a lot of damage through the shield.
  • Also at a distance may fire a circle of purple projectiles. These are easily avoided, but should you let them hit you, the added damage from all projectiles can deal serious damage.

General Strategy

The first thing to be aware of is the additional kings. Keep an eye on your surroundings to ensure there is not another king sneaking up behind you.

You should aim to kill each king as quickly as you can so you are not fighting more than two kings at once. Up to four kings can be in the fight if you allow it. All four kings are identical.

Each king makes up about a quarter of the total boss HP and most of the time killing the fourth or taking him very low will end the battle, but sometimes a fifth king may need to be engaged.

Dodging and Blocking

As all damage dealt to you is magic damage, physical resists are a non-factor so if you have any usable armour with better magic resistance you should equip it.

Staying close to the king you are fighting will usually keep additional kings from engaging you, but where you can keep your target between you and other kings.

  • All sword attacks can be dodged, however if you see him spinning around you need to quickly back up. He will either attempt to grab you or will use a powerful shockwave attack. For the vertical slash and the forward thrust you can simply sidestep for a slightly larger window to attack. A light armour with high magic resist is ideal. This strategy is required if you wish to utilise the Red Tearstone Ring. Note the homing magic attack cannot be dodged, but it will disappear after a while if it does not hit you. You can watch a video here.
  • Having high poise and magic defense (Havel's Set and Spell Stoneplate Ring is ideal) you can just tank each kings while you hit them with your best attack (two-handed if melee). This is a recommended strategy for NG+ if your build allows for it. Staying right up against the king will further reduce damage taken as his attacks are less effective at extremely close range.


Attack while the king recovers from his attacks and be back on the defensive before he launches his next attack. Note to watch for him spinning around as it can be difficult to get out of range of either possible attack that will ensue.

Melee Pyromancer Video

  • A Chaos weapon such as Quelaag's Furysword and ten humanity will deal good damage. Equip the Grass Crest Shield for stamina recovery a two-hand your sword, but watch out for the grab attack as it will lower your humanity and thus your damage.


The kings can close distance very quickly so staying at range is not entirely viable. Your best approach is to dodge back as the king attacks and get an attack in while he recovers. Note you want to finish each king as quickly as possible so if using ammunition, use the best you have available. Most spells are effective however if using homing attacks it is best to be reasonably close before casting.

Status Effects and Items

Power Within can be considered for most strategies as there are many opportunities to consume Estus and a quick fight is to your advantage. Note it cannot be cast while Transient Curse is active.

Stealth and Diversion

You can let Witch Beatrice tank for you while you land attacks on the distracted king. She does decent damage but do not rely on her to win the fight for you. Note you may have to kill a ghost floating near the ceiling at the top of the stairs or Beatrice will not follow you. Also note that summoning her will cause the kings to spawn faster so do not do so lightly.

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