The high critical rate the Thief enjoys is a very nice advantage, especially when combined with the speed of their dagger attacks. They aren’t built very solidly, however, with low vitality, strength and endurance stats making them a weak target and also reducing their weapon choices but they hold the highest dexterity of all other classes. The dagger is capable of dealing with most enemies perfectly well, and compliments the Thief’s speed and evasive style.
They also come with the master key by default, which allows them to select a different gift and access many locked doors much easier than other classes could.

Preferable use

  • Great for players who enjoy parrying or backstabbing
  • Fast rolls are life saving for the low health and protection
  • Fast attack speed
  • Thieves are especially useful against bosses and other large, tough enemies
  • Starts with melee, but can use magic with a few levels
  • Skill recommendation 5/10
  • High dexterity enables use of Bows, Spears, etc.
  • Only Class that begins with a Bleed weapon, but the Morning Star can be picked up early on except the player must upgrade Strength to 15 in order to wield with one hand

Starting Equipment

Starting Stats

Level Vitality Attunement Endurance Strength Dexterity Resistance Intelligence Faith Humanity
5 9 11 9 9 15 10 12 11 0

Thief max level is 711

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