Tips and Hints

General Tips and Advice
Broad and generalized advice which relates to successful gameplay and strategy.

*Death leads to frustration which leads to more death. When you die, try to take a 5 minute to 1 hour break to clear your head. 80% of deaths are caused by careless mistakes, walking errors, and/or non combat related. These are typically because of frustration and an unnecessary feeling of urgency (and RAGE) after a death, to get back to your bloodstain. There is no timer on your bloodstain. Take the time to prepare yourself at the bonfire and resume your more tactical (slower) style of gameplay back to your bloodstain. I find this state of mind results in far fewer deaths, and loss of humanity/souls.

*If you have "hard" Humanity that you are getting ready to consume, consider saving it to use when you are low on health as it completely restores you and frees up an extra Estus or two.

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