Upgrade Material Farming

This page contains information on where to get all upgrade materials, as well as the types of upgrade paths, stat bonuses and special properties from them.


Increases physical attack power of weapons. Scales with Strength and Dexterity stats. Required for +5 for all upgrades
Increased physical attack power. Reduced stat scaling. Weaker than standard upgrade
Increases physical attack power. Stronger than standard upgrades, cannot be repaired
Increases physical and lightning attack power, removes stat scaling

Titanite Shard

Large Titanite Shard

Titanite Chunk

Titanite Slab

  • Random chance of obtaining from Crystal Lizards in The Great Hollow
  • Drops from Darkwraiths) in the lower New Londo Ruins (rare). When trying to farm for Titanite Slabs from the Darkwraith enemy, Item Discovery should be at 410. Have 10 "loose" Humanity and equip Covetous Gold Serpent Ring or Symbol of Avarice

Green Titanite

Reinforces weapons to magic, divine or fire path upgrades to +5
Deals additional magic damage. Reduced Strength and Dexterity scaling. Adds scales with Intelligence
Deals additional magic damage. Reduced Strength and Dexterity scaling. Adds scales with Faith. Deals Holy Damage
Deals additional fire damage. Removes stat scaling

Green Titanite Shard (Needed for +1 to +5 Magic, Fire, Divine)

  • Sold by Crestfallen Merchant for 5,000 souls
  • Sold by the Giant Blacksmith for 4,800 souls
  • Sold by Hawkeye Gough for 4,800 souls
  • Drops from Giant Leeches at ground level of Blighttown (5 per drop): rest at the bonfire in the swamp (or the The Great Hollow entrance), then run to the far left side of the map to reach the leeches and kill them, repeat
  • Drops from Slime in The Depths: rest at first bonfire in the Depths, run into the hallway, kill all Slimes, loot, return to Bonfire, repeat

Blue Titanite

Reinforces weapons to magic path upgrade. Scales with Intelligence

Chunk of Blue Titanite (Needed for +6 to +9 Magic, +1 to +4 Enchanted)

Blue Titanite Slab (Needed for +10 Magic, +5 Enchanted)

  • Rare drop from Crystal Butterfly in Crystal Cave (don't to worry about killing the butterfly over a chasm; the slab is automatically added to Inventory)

Red Titanite

Reinforces weapons to fire path upgrades. Split between Fire and Physical damage types. No stat scales.

Chunk of Red Titanite (Needed for +6 to +9 Fire, +1 to +4 Chaos)

Red Titanite Slab (Needed for +10 Fire, +5 Chaos)

White Titanite

Reinforces weapons to Divine upgrade path. Increases physical and magical damage. Scales with Faith stat. Grants Holy property to weapon

Chunk of White Titanite (Needed for +6 to +9 Divine, +1 to +4 Occult)

White Titanite Slab (Needed for +10 Divine, +5 Occult)

Twinkling Titanite

Upgrades weapons that cannot be regularly upgraded

Demon Titanite

Upgrades weapons forged from souls. Normal +10 and Boss Souls required

Dragon Scale

Upgrades dragon weapons

Also check Snuggly the Crow for rare Titanite trades

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