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Cross out any completed work by editing the page, highlighting one or more of the things that need to be done, and pressing the S with a - over it.

Missing information

Using tags you can mark pages that miss a special kind of information. At the moment this page recognized the following tags:

  • missing_igd when the in-game-description is missing
  • missing_image when the image is missing
  • missing_stats for missing stat information
  • missing_availability for missing information on where/how to get the item/spell/…
  • missing_move_set for missing enemy or equipment moveset.
  • missing_move_set_vids for missing enemy or equipment moveset videos
    • Use WebM filetype, don't show HUD, make it clear visuals on PC with all settings on highest possible (DsFix only, no additional mods or bizarre depth of field settings) at 1080p. Try to include audio with music disabled
    • Make short individual videos for each attack/attack string including any combos (i.e. R1 > R1 > R1 or L2 > R2, etc.)
    • For enemies, try to record the attack while controlling the enemy via external tools and then fade transition into the enemy performing it in normal gameplay.
    • How to convert video footage to WebM:
  • missing_upgrades for missing information about possible upgrades
  • 105_chkd information checked and correct as of the 1.05 patch
  • … (add other tags as they seem appropriate, e.g. Location, Vendor/Trainer, Loot, …)

When you encounter a page that is in need of information just tag it according to the tags proposed on this page. This page will appear now in the lists below on this page.
When you finished adding the missing information just delete the proper tag and the page won't show up in the list on this page anymore.


Refer to the Cleanup page for guidelines.

Dialog transcription

Page Rename Requests

please let a moderator deal with these requests

Holy Set and Cleric Set have their names swapped, need to change Armor page
Elite Knight Set 's image on the Armor page seems to only show the Elite Knight Helm being worn while wearing the rest of the normal Knight Set.

Page Merge Requests

please let a moderator deal with these requests

giant-skeleton-archer with giant-skeleton

Other Requests

The "Concepts" Link on the Main Page should refer to the Game Mechanics Page, even it is in dire need of a redesign.

  • make a Furtive Pygmy page
  • split the Undead Burg page into two pages: Upper Undead Burg and Lower Undead Burg - I think they amount of information, loot, walkthrough, enemies etc each have warrants them having two separate pages.

Page Delete Requests

please let a moderator deal with these requests

Game Mechanics

Confirmation Needed

  • Attunement - Sometimes when gaining a new attunement slot, if a spell is not acquired right away, the attunement slot may become unusable
  • Bleed - One tip says that enchanting a weapon increases its bleed buildup. This does not seem to be true and is vague anyway.
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