Tomb of the Giants

Quick Reference

Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Gravelord Nito Patches
Rhea of Thorolund
Vince and Nico of Thorolund
White Titanite Slab
White Titanite Chunk
Skull Lantern
Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
Large Divine Ember
Effigy Shield
3x Eye of Death
Giant Skeleton Archer
Giant Skeleton
Bone Tower
Skeleton Beast
Black Knight (Halberd)
Pinwheel Servant
Skeleton Baby
Vince And Nico of Thorolund



The Catacombs

General Notes

  • There is an excellent Humanity (and Soul) farming area near the end of the level.
  • If Patches has not become hostile, and you kick him off the edge (so that he falls to where you would be if you let him kick you), he will get back up to his original spot by himself. Unlike the player, he does not have to fight anyone (except the player!) when moving around this area. On his way, he will also break the illusory wall for you.

Important Tips

  • This area is pitch black save for some lava in the background (it's actually the Demon Ruins). Only your immediate vicinity is lit. Note that regardless of any light source, your targeting range is decreased within this area. Improve visibility by
  • Watch for glowing eyes and the sound of arrows
  • The way is treacherous and has many pitfalls. Take your time and move slowly.
  • Down the pit where Patches kicks you into, you will find Rhea of Thorolund next to a pillar, alone and helpless. Moving on past her, you will find her (former) companions, Vince and Nico, who have now become hollows. It is a mystery as to why they attack you on sight while leaving Rhea alone. To make it easier to breathe, try to separate them, either by running around the pillars so that they approach you from two opposite directions, or by baiting one of them to attack then dodge it (if you move around the bigger pillar, you will notice these two are scripted to stay close to each other, so that they can gang up on you). Once they are a few steps apart from each other, you can try to kick them off the cliff or do a parry/riposte on one of them. If Nico attempts to heal, rush and backstab him. When Vince approaches you while holding his talisman instead of his mace, he is attempting to hit you with Force. Generally, since they are using an axe and a mace, their swings are slow and also make them staggered if they miss, therefore it is fairly easy to sprint around and backstab them once their swings miss.


Area map

Part 1 - Find patches and save

  1. As you enter the area, you will see path markers. Heading toward those markers will take you in the right direction.
  2. After crossing the first coffin top, which you can climb back up, you will meet the first Giant Skeleton.
  3. Once he is dispatched, you will come to another coffin with markers at the top and bottom. This one is a one-way trip with one skeleton at the bottom, so be prepared.
  4. Dispatch this skeleton.
  5. Next you will come to another coffin that's a one-way trip.
  6. At the bottom of this coffin are two giant skeletons on your right-hand side. When you start fighting the first, the second will join, so be quick and careful!
  7. After killing the two Giant Skeletons, make your way to the end of the path and there is one final one-way-trip coffin top. Don't take it - if you wedge your way off the right side of the coffin (between it and the wall), you'll fall down to a small ledge with a Humanity (note this fall is enough to do a small amount of damage).
  8. Once at the bottom, you will be in near Patches.
  9. Head toward the left and you will find a ladder down to the first bonfire. The bonfire is visible from the cliff above, to the left of the ladder.
  10. Head down to the bonfire.

Part 2

Note: - you can skip this part - it doesn't take you toward the boss fight.

  1. Climb back up the ladder from the bonfire.
  2. Walk forward until you reach the wall, then head to the right.
  3. You will see Patches ahead; follow the walkthrough for Patches. (Note the pit contains a Skull Lantern, which is a decent light source, so the Patches walkthrough is a good way to go if you need light)
  4. After Patches, refresh at the bonfire if you need.
  5. From the ladder, head forward and then to the right, passing under a coffin.
  6. The ledge follows around to the left into a tunnel and comes to a ladder that leads back down to the pit into which Patches kicks you (it's behind a hidden wall). The illusory wall on the wall is near where you find a pile of bones on the ground (near the hole that leads to the Large Divine Ember).
  7. Skip the tunnel and continue forward.
  8. You will come to an oversized coffin with a hole near the front; don't go down for now. Down this hole you can find the Large Divine Ember, guarded by six Giant Skeletons. Check the ember's page for more details.
  9. Continue up and to the left.
  10. Giant Skeleton Archers will be shooting at you - just keep moving and avoid their arrows.
  11. At the top of the path, you'll come to another Giant Skeleton with a sword, and behind him is an archer.
  12. Dispatch the archer and climb up the ladder.
  13. At the top of the ladder is a small room with a skeleton straight ahead.
  14. Behind that Giant Skeleton, there's a second Giant Skeleton near the back wall.
  15. After defeating those Giant Skeletons, collect items around the room.
  16. Next climb up the ladder on the left side of the room. It's hidden in the wall in the cutout area on the left wall.
  17. Climb up the next ladder, also hidden in a wall.
  18. If you want the Eyes of Death, walk toward the right side of the room, now below you and drop back down to pick up Eyes of Death. Then drop down again into the room and climb back up the ladders to return to the same place.
  19. Climb up the slope on the left.
  20. At the end of the slop, collect the Large Soul of a Proud Knight.
  21. Don't walk forward to drop down unless you want to leave the Tomb of Giants, or you want to return to the start of the level.
  22. Return to the bonfire.

Part 3

  1. From the Bonfire, climb up the ladder again.
  2. Head straight from the ladder; you'll see where Patches is found.
  3. Just behind and slightly to the right of where Patches is found, you can see the path to continue forward; it runs just to the left of the wall ahead.
  4. The path will open to a small area.
  5. Keep following to the right and almost immediately you'll come to a Skeleton Beast.
  6. After that is a fog wall; enter it.
  7. A few steps later, you'll find there's an archer shooting at you. Ignore him for now while avoiding his arrows.
  8. There's another Skeleton Beast ahead just next to the wall.
  9. Be careful here though as there's a Black Knight to your left that will attack.
  10. After defeating the knight, make your way to the archer. Behind him is a Soul of a Brave Warrior on a body.
  11. If you walk off the ledge where the body is, you'll come to the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring. When you get close to the ring, five Bone Towers will rise up from the ground, surrounding the ring.
  12. Skipping the ring… Just to the left of the archer, coming from the way you entered, is a path down with a hole that's a tunnel entrance.
  13. There's another Skeleton Beast here.
  14. After defeating him, go through the tunnel.
  15. Turn right after the tunnel.
  16. At the end of the path is the Effigy Shield. (Note that, from here you can see the Bonfire).
  17. Head back to the exit of the tunnel.
  18. There's a path down at the end of the wall on your right leading to a Skeleton Beast. Note that you can target this beast from the cliff above, before following the path down.
  19. At the very bottom of the ramp down, to the right, is another Giant Skeleton.
  20. After defeating that Giant Skeleton, head back to the left (keeping the wall on your left).
  21. You'll pass a ramp down on the right; ignore it for now.
  22. The path curves to the left and comes to another Bonfire very shortly.

Part 4 - Bonfires to Boss

  1. Leave the Bonfire and head back up the path
  2. When you see the pillar on the left, the path down is right there; ignore it for now.
  3. Continue ahead to the right a little and deal with this Skeleton Beast or it will come up behind you later.
  4. Watch out too for the Giant Skeleton behind the beast which you may not have to fight.
  5. After dealing with that beast, head down the path.
  6. When the path widens, head straight forward to collect the item on the body.
  7. Come back out and turn right (left if you skip the body)
  8. Careful ahead - there are three Skeleton Beasts on the left (this is a useful area for Soul Spear spells if you can line these guys up).
  9. Note that you can get by with only killing one of these beasts as the others will not become aggressive unless you get close to them. (Actually, you can get by without killing any of the 3 beasts, if you just keep right and hug the right wall on the way to the boss.)
  10. After the beasts, follow the wall on your right; it curves around and leads to a ramp down.
  11. At the bottom of the ramp, turn right and head back under the path above to a Soul of a Brave Warrior
  12. Turn back and head down the next ramp, dropping off to the left.
  13. You will come to a square opening in the ground with a ladder.
  14. Head down the ladder.
  15. Continue on into the light!
  16. You'll come to a tunnel with a yellow fog gate if you haven't placed the Lordvessel yet.

After the Yellow Fog Gate

  1. As you approach the tunnel, you'll find the area where Paladin Leeroy will invade if you are in human form.
  2. Next, you'll find a Crystal Lizard in the tunnel. Beware of many skeleton beasts in the tunnel.
  3. After the tunnel, you will be on another narrow ledge that curves to the left and then back to the right.
  4. Between the two curves, a Bone Tower will spawn in front of you.
  5. After that one, moving further forward, one tower will spawn behind you while two more will spawn in front of you (only one close). In addition, there will be a Giant Skeleton Archer shooting at you from behind the towers.
  6. Careful while approaching the archer as there's a Giant Skeleton to his left waiting to ambush you.
  7. Also, the last Bone Tower will disappear and respawn behind you if you don't defeat it with ranged attacks before closing in on it.
  8. Next you'll come to the final area before the boss just through another tunnel.
  9. Here you will find Pinwheel Servant and Skeleton Baby enemies.
  10. If you stay to the left and roll down a couple of times, you can easily close on one Pinwheel Servant.
  11. From there, you can follow the ramp on the left up to the boss entrance (ignore the tunnel).
  12. Feel free to take time to clear this area, but be careful of the Skeleton Baby enemies as they respawn constantly (making them good for farming humanity).
  13. At the entrance to the boss fight, you must break through the debris blocking the path.
  14. After the fog gate, you will have time to change equipment.
  15. When you are ready to fight, drop down; the fall will hurt a good amount, so be ready to heal quickly.


  • First Bonfire: If you want to get to the first Bonfire without dealing with all the annoying Giant Skeletons on the way down, then the following shortcut is useful (you still need a light source for this): Go to the first light and cross the tomb-bridge. Kill the Giant Skeleton on the other side. Keep going straight, then round down and to the left taking the path. Take the tomb-bridge sliding down, and at the bottom of the first tomb-bridge (you'll see another one in front of you), turn to your right. You'll see a Giant Skeleton hiding behind the corner, guarding a Soul. Kill this Skeleton. Now face the edge of the ledge, and you should see not exactly a drop-off, but an inclining boulder. Center yourself on this incline, and walk off. You should hit a tomb-bridge halfway through, then slide down the rest of the way and be able to see Patches from where you land. The Bonfire is also right nearby, more or less visible from your landing point.
  • First Bonfire: Almost like the first one, but less guessing: kill the first giant Skeleton after the first bridge. Position yourself near the ledge next to the tomb-bridge. Now using your light source you are able to see the giant Skeleton, use a plunging attack. Head right for the soul. Continue heading as far right as you dare and use your light source and rotate your camera around to notice a corpse below that has an item (humanity?) next to a tomb bridge. Rotating and looking for that corpse might take awhile. Drop down, and drop down again. Patches should be right in front of you.
  • Video: shortcut from the Catacombs to the Tomb of the Giants' first Bonfire

How to Get Out

For those who may be stuck at the first Bonfire or simply are having trouble getting out, follow these steps:

  • From the first campsite (also near Patches) go up the ladder and to the right (moving under a stone slab).
  • Continue hugging the left wall. You will see an alcove soon which you will skip.
  • You will encounter a Giant Skeleton, roll past the Skeleton and continue where you will see a ladder with an archer Skeleton to the right.
  • Move up the ladder and roll forward and left. Two Giant Skeletons will try to attack you. Ignore them and search for a ladder within the stonework of the wall.
  • If you don't manage to get to the ladder alive then use this strategy. As you get to the platform with the two Giant Skeletons make some steps forward until one of them aggroes you. Then quickly return to the ladder behind you and move a little down. The Skeleton will try to follow you and fall down.
  • Many people have trouble finding this ladder. It is on the left wall and the actual rungs are built into the stonework. The ladder is in a small indentation.
  • Go up the ladder and hug the left wall. You should see the Pinwheel boss area soon. Instead of going into the area, move around the right side of it.
  • This tunnel leads to the exit.
  • If you come upon a spiked bridge there is another path, you have to go all the way to where you'll find the miracle - Tranquil walk of peace there is a spot where you can fall through, be wary though because three Skeletons wait for you, after you fall through there are two ways to go - right to go exit to the Firelink shrine and left to get back to the campsite in the catacombs.

Video: Escape the Tomb of the Giants

Killing Vince And Nico of Thorolund

Take out Vince And Nico of Thorolund without having to physically attack them. After you drop down, have them follow you over to the group of Skeleton pillars; when you jump through them, they will follow you and take their attacks which do a decent amount of damage to them. Once they make it through, circle back around and rinse and repeat until both are gone.

Lure each of them into the narrow passageway that leads back to the ladder. A good shield and a powerful thrusting weapon will allow you to fight effectively in this narrow area.

Another option for stealth players: Using the Ring Of Fog, Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring and a Hidden Body spell, you can sneak up close to each to do a Poison/Toxic Mist pyro spell on them. Do one on right (a little closer to you, from Rhea's side), back up and wait for the mist to do its thing. Repeat for the other one. You may need to hit once to finish the job on the second…

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