Once the Toxic meter is full, HP will begin to drain at a steady rate depending on the method of infliction. Also impedes upon stamina regeneration.


The following are capable of inflicting toxic, and drain HP at the corresponding rates listed:

Cause of Toxic Rate of HP loss
Blowdart Sniper 14 HP per 0.6 seconds
Gravelord Nito 8 HP per second
Engorged Zombie 8 HP per second
Undead Dragon 7 HP per second
Skeleton Baby 7 HP per second
Dung Pie 7 HP per second
Toxic Mist 6 HP per second
Dark Silver Tracer 6 HP per second
Gravelord Sword 5 HP per second
Snow Rat 5 HP per second


Recovering from Toxic is highly recommended, as the status effect lasts for 10 minutes (in most cases), and it drains HP rapidly. To recover, the player may:

Resisting and Avoiding Toxic

  • Toxic resistance shares the Poison resistance stat, but uses a separate status meter indicated by a black poison drop instead of a purple one. Though this means that a player or enemy can be both poisoned and toxic at the same time, increasing poison resistance will increase toxic resistance. Using armor with higher poison resist stats, or the Poisonbite Ring, is recommended.

Enemies Immune to Toxic

The Dung Pie, Toxic Mist, Gravelord Sword, and Dark Silver Tracer are items available to the player that can be used to inflict toxic upon enemies. However, the following enemies are fully resistant and cannot be inflicted with the effect:

Regular Enemies

Note - The Undead Dragons and Bounding Demons are able to be inflicted with toxic, however they have a very high resistance. It requires roughly 5 casts of Toxic Mist or ~24 Dung Pies to work.



Note - This list does not include NPCs that cannot be killed.

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