Undead Crystal Soldier
undead crystal soldier sword
undead crystal soldier archer


Crystallized version of Undead Soldiers, although they are somewhat slower and deal much higher damage. They attack with a sword or long bow, and pose a significant threat if buffed by a nearby Channeler.


The Duke's Archives
Common enemy inside the main building.

Sword Crystal Soldier
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 212 400
NG+ 333 800
NG+6 417 1,000
Archer Crystal Soldier
Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 155 400
NG+ 243 800
NG+6 304 1,000


  • Archer Crystal Soldier


Sword Crystal Soldier
Attack Damage Damage Type Parryable Speed Tracking (left/right)
Shoulder Bash ?/0/0/0 Normal No Fast Neither
Sword Slash ?/0/0/0 Normal Yes Medium Neither
Vertical Sword & Shield Attack ?/0/0/0 Normal/Strike? No Slow Neither
Lunging Attack ?/0/0/0 Normal Yes Medium Neither
Archer Crystal Soldier
Attack Damage Damage Type Parryable Speed Tracking (left/right)
Arrow Attack ?/0/0 Thrust No Medium Neither


  • Lightning
  • Thrust


  • Fight them just like fighting Undead Soldier: circle around for easy backstabs, attack after they whiff their attacks. Be very careful, as their attacks packs a punch and you can easily get stun-locked by two of them.
  • The placement of the archers is usually far away or elevated. You will be noticed early, so get ready to roll away or block. At close range they are vulnerable because they do not switch weapons. Be careful when approaching because they will run away and the sword soldiers or another archer might attack from behind you.
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