Undead Merchant Female
Undead Merchant Female


Like her male counterpart, she's also an Undead who has hollowed appearance, but is not fully hollow. She primarily sells moss she has grown herself behind the iron bars, and some other useful consumables.


Undead Burg
Once you have the Basement Key you will be able to enter the locked door on the Hellkite Dragon bridge. Go through the door and work your way towards the final tower (opposite the door to The Depths) where a single Hollow archer is up on a platform. The merchant is in the aqueduct tunnel nearby. Remember to open up the two shortcuts that make accessing the lower Undead Burg easier; the first is up a staircase by the bottom of the long ladder from the hellkite bridge, the other is in the tunnel with the merchant and provides a quick route to the Firelink Shrine.


Item Soul Cost Description
Bloodred Moss Clump 300 Reduce bleeding build up
Purple Moss Clump 500 Reduce poison build up, cures poison
Blooming Purple Moss Clump 1,000 Reduces poison and toxin. Restores status
Poison Throwing Knife 100 Throwing Knife coated with poison
Dung Pie 200 Turns enemy toxic, but also affects player
Alluring Skull 500 Attracts some enemies
Charcoal Pine Resin 500 Applied fire to right hand weapon
Transient Curse (x4) 4,000 Temporary player curse that allows the player to damage ghosts within New Londo Ruins
Rotten Pine Resin 1,000 Adds poison to right hand weapon
Homeward Bone 500 Returns the player to the last bonfire used, similar to miracle Homeward
Prism Stone 10 Path marker, drop and listen to check heights
Humanity (x1) 5,000 Useful for reversing hollowing and kindling bonfires
Purging Stone 6,000 Remove curses caused by basilisks in Depths and The Great Hollow, twice the cost of Oswald of Carim
- - -
Standard Arrow 10
Large Arrow 50
Wooden Arrow 3
Fire Arrow 100
Poison Arrow 100
Standard Bolt 30
Heavy Bolt 100
Wood Bolt 10


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 420 50
NG+ 1,092 250
NG+6 1,365 313


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