Undead Merchant Male
Undead Merchant Male


Undead Burg
From the Bonfire, exit out of the bonfire room and kill the Undead Soldier with the crossbow and the three Armored Hollows on the area below to the right. Kill the two Undead Soldiers with spears on the opposite roof top area. Smash the crates (in the spear soldier area) around the stairs going down. Once in the room downstairs deal with an Armored Hollow hidden behind some crates, as he will surprise you later while talking to the merchant otherwise. The merchant is out of the door opposite to the bottom of the stairs on a ledge.


This Undead sells the items he looted from the corpses of adventurers. He has a hollowed appearance, but is not fully hollow. He has a "companion" named Yulia (in reality his uchigatana/bucket/imaginary pet. But this speculation is not relevant to his usual personal demeanor; other possibilities that are less of a reach could be a yearning for the undead female merchant (in which the name "Yulia" could be her name).1), showing that he's not perfectly sane either.


Item Soul Cost Description
Repair Powder 500 Restores 100 durability points on right hand weapon.
Throwing Knife 10 Throwing Knife that can be equipped from the usable item area of the inventory
Firebomb 50 Explodes upon impact, dealing fire damage. Extremely useful when fighting large groups or strong enemies.
Lloyd's Talisman 500 Prevents Estus recovery within a limited area. Can also put Mimic back to sleep. Limited time effect.
Orange Guidance Soapstone x1 100 Allows player to write/rate messages left for other players.
Residence Key x1 1,000 Opens door in lower Undead Burg to free Griggs of Vinheim.
Repairbox x1 3,000 Allows the player to repair inventory items at any bonfires, also sold by Andre cheaper at 2,000.
Bottomless Box x1 1,000 Allows for item management at bonfires.
Dagger 300 Starting weapon of the Sorcerer class
Shortsword 600 Dropped by Undead Soldier (Sword)
Scimitar 600 Starting weapon of the Wanderer class.
Rapier 600 Dropped by Balder Knight (Rapier).
Hand Axe 450 Starting weapon of the Pyromancer class
Club 150 Starting weapon of the Deprived class
Reinforced Club 350
Spear 600 Dropped by Undead Soldier (Spear).
Short Bow 1,000 First time to get a bow in the game. Rare drop from Tutorial archer hollow
East-West Shield 400 Starting equipment of Cleric class
Small Leather Shield 600 Starting shield for the Sorcerer class
Buckler 800 Dropped by Balder Knight (Rapier).
Leather Shield 800 Very light on weight (1) but worth saving an extra 200 souls for the Heater Shield.
Heater Shield 1,000 Good starting shield with 100% block and 70% fire damage reduction.
Warrior's Round Shield 800
Standard Arrow 10 Good cheap arrows for killing most mobs in 2 hits.
Large Arrow 50
Wooden Arrow 3
Standard Bolt 30 Find the hidden Light crossbow in Undead Burg for these.
Heavy Bolt 100
Wood Bolt 10
Chain Helm 500
Chain Armor 800
Leather Gauntlets 500
Chain Leggings 500


Playthrough HP Souls
First 360 50
NG+ 935 250
NG+6 1,170 313



  • It's best to avoid killing him if you require a constant source of Repair Powder in the early stages of the game. He's also the only merchant that sells Lloyd's Talisman without the Additional Content (if you have the Additional Content, Marvellous Chester also sells it).
  • A canny invader can trick a beginner player into swinging at and hitting the merchant out of desperation. In which case the merchant quickly becomes aggressive and attacks with his uchigatana.
  • Be wary that if you made him hostile, you must progress pass the Gargoyles to request absolution.
  • This NPC has unused dialogue lines.


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