Undead Parish

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Boss NPCs Notable Loot Enemies
Bell Gargoyles Blacksmith Andre
Rhea of Thorolund
Oswald of Carim
Basement Key
Fire Keeper Soul
Knight Shield
Undead Soldier (Sword)
Undead Soldier (Spear)
Undead Soldier (Crossbow)
Balder Knight
Hollow (Sword)
Hollow (Torch)
Channeler (Mini-Boss)
Black Knight (Mini-Boss)
Armored Tusk (Mini-Boss)
Heavy Knight (Mini-Boss)
Prowling Demon



General Notes

  • The enemies in this section are more challenging than Undead Burg and will require more patience as you get used to their patterns.
  • This section contains two important NPCs, Andre of Astora and Oswald of Carim in the Undead Church.
  • The Undead Parish contains two Bonfires: the "Undead Parish" bonfire near Andre and the "Sunlight Altar" bonfire below the Hellkite Dragon. Both are warpable later.
  • Watch for the rapier-wielding Balder Knight when he holds his sword in front of him. He's attempting to parry you. Suffering one riposte early in the game is almost certain death.
  • Do not feel required to fight the Armored Tusk until you are ready, as he is easily avoided.
  • The Undead Soldier (sword-wielding) who closes the gate in front of the stairs leading to the front entrance of the church is non-respawning. He will be standing to the right of the Armored Tusk, assuming you are approaching from the Sunlight Altar bonfire. After spotting you, he will run back to the other side of the gate then lower it by pulling the lever. Normally, because of this, you will have to take the long route to get to the church. If you don't want that, you can either rush and get to the other side of the gate with him (or you can kill him once you catch up with him) before he lowers it, or use a ranged weapon and kill him before he spots you. Even if one arrow does not kill him right away, he will aggro you instead of going to close the gate like he's supposed to. The gate will cause damage to anyone caught beneath it when it's lowering.
  • You can beat the Black Knight at the top of the tower easily without taking damage. Wield your weapon with both hands, then walk up the stairs slowly, as soon as you get him in your sights, lock him up, you should notice he is facing the other way. This gives you enough time to perform two basic attacks on him before he can strike back. Once you have hit him, run back down the stairs and jump down the ladder back to the area where the rats were. Climb back up the ladder and do the same again, each time he should be facing away from the stairs, if he isn't, drop down the ladder and try again. Rinse and repeat, and you will slowly whittle him down and eventually kill him. - Warning, he can jump down to where the rats were and will follow you to the ladder by the bonfire in Undead Burg.

Common Summoning Locations

  1. On the small landing next to the staircase leading up to the Black Knight
    • Be sure not to place your summoning sign in the room with the bonfire, as many players will skip the dragon by heading through the basement and be unable to raise the gate.
  2. Near the bridge leading toward Andre and the second bonfire, by three Hollow soldiers

See also: Co-op


Undead Parish Map

  1. Starting from the final ladder leaving Undead Burg, walk out of the small tower you are in to enter Undead Parish. The main path through the middle of the parish is gated off right now, so you will be taking the long way until you can return to open the shortcuts. On the stairs in front is an Undead Swordsman. Through the archway, there is an Undead Spearman to your immediate right, and an Undead Swordsman on the steps in the distance. Situated prominently in the middle of the path is the Armored Tusk. Deal with the first swordsman, and then run through the archway, past the Spearman, and head towards the stairs on the right. If you are fast enough, you can get through the gate before it closes. Just sprint along the wall to the left, if you do this, the Swordman will close the gate with you on the same side. Skip to step 8 if you do this successfully.
  2. From the foot of the stairs, deal with the Spearman and Swordsman, before climbing up the stairs to confront another spearman and two crossbowmen. Keep your shield up and evade the bolts. Parry animations make immune to damage, so if you can, take advantage of this and parry the spearman. Once he's dealt with, go over and dispose of the crossbowmen, being careful not to fall. From here, you can snipe the boar with a bow or a crossbow if you have enough bolts, or if you choose, you can hop down to engage him. You can also use a plunging attack on him for extra damage. See Armored Tusk for strategies for defeating him.
  3. Continuing from the crossbowmen, look down and to the right of the locked gate ahead. There is one swordsman, and a set of stairs leading into the ground. Drop down and enter the stairs to take cover from the boar. Deal with the swordsman as he approaches.
  4. Turn and head back down the staircase. At the bottom, you'll see a fleeing swordsman. Be wary. Move forward and draw out the two Hollows on either side of the doorway. Take your time, and then deal with the three Hollows up the stairs on the landing, and finally the single Hollow past the tables near the corpse. Collect the loot and head up the ladder.
  5. Two more Hollows are waiting for you at the top of this landing. Deal with them, and then turn around to see the loot on the support beam. Walk along the beams slowly and carefully to retrieve it. Then head up the next ladder, and face the next Fog Door.
  6. From the Fog Door, proceed across the bridge. At the other side, you can head right to challenge the Balder Knight for the Knight Shield. Otherwise, head left up the stairs. To your left at the top is another spearman. Deal with him, and head down the next set of stairs, pausing before you reach the bottom. On your far left, will be a Balder Knight. On your immediate right is a spearman. Exit quickly and get behind the spearman. Parry whichever attacks first, making use of the invulnerability. Alternatively, you can attempt to draw them back up the stairs to the landing one at a time.
  7. Once you've dealt with them, walk towards the end of the walkway to see two paths. The path straight ahead, across the wooden bridge, leads you to two swordsmen a crossbowman, the side entrance of the Undead Church, and the bridge to the Old Church building. The left path (Undead Church's side entrance) leads you back down to the main path and allows you to open the massive gate barring your way. If you are in dire need of health, proceed towards the Old Church, and after disposing of the soldiers, head across the long bridge to find a bonfire and Blacksmith Andre. However, we will continue from the main path.
  8. Down the stairs is the lever that controls the gate. If the boar is dead, go ahead and open the gate. Otherwise, collect the loot in the area (including the Basement Key) and approach the entrance of the church.
  9. Inside the front section of the church are three Balder Knights. Approach very slowly, and they will rush forward one at a time to challenge you. Practice your parries and take your time, as this section can be difficult.
  10. After you have dealt with these knights, head into the church itself, and walk towards the altar at the far end to find the mini-boss Heavy Knight guarding a Fire Keeper Soul, used to upgrade your Estus Flask later. You can fight him, or you can just run. Be wary when fighting him as another nearby mini-boss Channeler may detect you and start firing Soul Arrows at you. To your left is an elevator heading back down to Firelink Shrine. Ride the elevator down, and back up once to activate the shortcut.
  11. When you're ready, head up the stairs to the left of the altar to fight another Balder Knight at the top. Lure him back down into the church and handle him in the open space, being careful to avoid the Soul Arrows from the Channeler on the second floor.
  12. Once he's taken care of, head back up the stairs and head towards the Channeler slowly. There are about 8-9 Hollows, attack power buffed by the Channeler, in the next room waiting to pounce on you. Enter the doorway to get their attention and immediately retreat as far as needed. Be patient and careful not to get stunlocked by their torrent of blows. Try and draw them far enough back that the Channeler doesn't follow. Once dealt with, head back up to deal with the Channeler himself. Take your time and keep your shield up. If you cannot handle him via melee, head back down to the first floor and use a bow to aim up and get him from a distance. If you stand next to the altar where you find the Fire Keeper Soul, he will not retaliate when you shoot him. You can use normal arrows, or grab some poison arrows, inflict poison to him (should take only 2 or 3 arrows) then go somewhere else for a minute or two.
  13. Once he's dealt with, walk to the room on the left and collect the loot from the body on the ledge. Then walk around to the right room and head up two sets of ladders to make it to the roof of the church. If you are human, you can summon Solaire of Astora here to help you going into the Fog Gate for the fight against the Bell Gargoyles. If you talked to Knight Lautrec of Carim earlier, you could also summon him to help you.
  14. After dealing with the Gargoyles, head across the roof, and up a long series of ladders to ring the First Bell of Awakening. Congratulations!
  15. On your way back down, you'll find that Merchant Oswald of Carim has appeared at the base of the tower. He sells a handful of useful things such as the Book of the Guilty and Citations, but also offers Absolution. Remember this if you ever accidentally attack an NPC, or commit any other acts you might like to undo later.
  16. Once you're done browsing his wares, head back down to the first floor of the church, and exit out to the right of the altar. Deal with the two swordsmen and the crossbowman here, and then head across the long bridge into the forested area.
  17. Climb down the stairs and light the bonfire on the first landing. Head down one more level to meet Andre. He sells many things, but the first three things you should try to prioritize buying are his Repairbox, Armor Smithbox, and Weapon Smithbox.
  18. Once you're ready, you can proceed in any number of directions. Here are some recommendations. You may head down the stairs and run past the Titanite Demon (check the Prowling Demon page for more info on dealing with him) to enter the Darkroot Garden, or you can take the Church Elevator back to Firelink Shrine. You may also use the Basement Key to enter the lower levels of the Undead Burg.
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