Unused Content

Unused/ Cut Content

A variety of unused content has been found in the Dark Souls game files. Unused items have been discovered in the texture files, as well as some of their item descriptions in the text dump. Cut dialog has been found in the audio files and text dump as well. There are also models of unused bosses and enemies, and unused animations that have been discovered and demonstrated in custom-made model viewers. This page aims to document all of the known unused and partially-completed content that has been found on-disc.

Unused Icons

Unused Items

  • Rings
  • Quest Items
  • Keys
  • Consumables/ Misc
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Spells

Unused Bosses & Enemies

  • Undead King Jar Eel
  • Alternate Bed of Chaos
  • Claw-Hollow
  • "Brain Bug"
  • Demon's Souls Crystal Lizard
  • Alternative Blue Hellkite Dragon
  • Unknown 1

Unused NPCs & Prototype Enemies

  • Young Witch Beatrice
  • Prototype Chester
  • Prototype Kalameet
  • Alternative Vamos

Other Unknown Material

  • Unused Dragon Head
  • Elevator Platform Model
  • Rowboat

Unused Dialogue

Unused Text Prompts

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