Unused Content

Unused/ Cut Content

A variety of unused content has been found in the Dark Souls game files. Unused items have been discovered in the texture files, as well as some of their item descriptions in the text dump. Cut dialog has been found in the audio files and text dump as well. There are also models of unused bosses and enemies, and unused animations that have been discovered and demonstrated in custom-made model viewers. This page aims to document all of the known unused and partially-completed content that has been found on-disc.

Unused Icons

Image Description
YXogDrd.png Icon of a Soapstone
Dh85HIw.png Alternate Armored Hollow avatar displayed for an Orange Guidance Soapstone message with 0-100 votes
Replaced by an Undead Merchant Icon in-game

Image not found on-disc, only in an early screenshot (source)
lPdiipY.png Unknown Hourglass Icon

Shares the same size and design scheme of the player's stat icons

Unused Items


Image Name Item Description
HPYy4Kw.png Ring of Displacement The ring of a lost miracle of New Londo. This ring takes damage in place of its wearer, but has a fixed chance of breaking.

As evidenced by this ring, the culture of New Londo was unique, and its flooding is widely considered to be a great loss.
K673ZWA.png Ring of Blind Ghosts This ring belonged to the seal guardian of New Londo. It prevents its wearer's discovery by cursed ghosts.

There were once three guardians of the seal, but two of them tired of their eternal task, and left New Londo long ago.
kzbNGgY.png Ring of Condemnation This black diamond ring is granted to those who enter a Covenant with Velka, the Goddess of Sin.

It automatically counterattacks when its wearer inflicts sustained damage.
Velka the Goddess of Sin is an eccentric witch versed in various secret rites.

Quest Items

Image Name Item Description
soul-of-the-bed-of-chaos.png Unavailable Demon Flame 5
  • The supposed fifth lord soul was found right under the third unused key listed in the Steamworks debug build of the game. It has no name and no short description.


Image Name Item Description
Pf7HqAy.png Lift Chamber Key Key opening the lift leading to New Londo ruins in the basement of Firelink Shrine.

The ruins of New Londo were blocked off, for the cursed ghosts posed danger to life and spirit, and the legends speak of a terrible Dark which was sealed away.
zyWIvmt.png Unavailable -
  • The second key icon appears several times across the texture sheets, indicating that it was likely a placeholder icon and not intended to be a particular key.

Consumables/ Misc

Image Name Item Description
fQfd5pb.png Affidavit Slip sold by bishop of Velka, Goddess of Sin.

Annul a covenant without committing sin.
A covenant is a most sacred union, normally not subject to negotiation, but when circumstances require it, even Goddess Velka will make an exception.
iY9KBqM.png Black Eye Orb

Invade the world of the traitor Shiva.

Invade the world of Shiva, and subdue him to reclaim the Blade of Chaos. But the Black Eye has lost its focus, and its powers waver timorously.
Where could the traitor Shiva be?
KUdNKwA.png Unavailable -
C6AsvQS.png Unavailable -
t4a7URx.png Unavailable -
SNmoREg.png Unavailable -
  • The image for the alternate Black Eye Orb uses a copy of the same image for the regular Black Eye Orb. It's not the image itself from the texture sheet that is considered an unused asset, only the actual item with the different description and use.
  • The alternate Black Eye Orb still functions if obtained through illegitimate means. It can be used to invade Shiva and his Bodyguard in the Painted World of Ariamis. Even if you kill Shiva during the Invasion event he will be staying in the Forest without his Bodyguard and he can not be talked to, because of this he will not appear in Blighttown. (video demonstration)
  • Corresponding names and information for the last four items cannot be found in the text dump. They appear to be a "Green Moss Clump", a "Red Blossom", a "White Eye Orb" or "Gray Eye Orb", and a scroll.
  • The scroll item appears to have been repurposed as the Attune Magic menu icon.


As icons:

Image Name
XveOGuo.png Unavailable

(Four Kings Sword)
zpnV79p.png Unavailable

(Unknown Whip /
Cat 'o Nine Tails)
TIY4oau.png Unavailable

(Unknown Talisman)
  • The identity of the second weapon is unknown, as it doesn't appear to have a corresponding weapon model nor item description that can be found. However, it appears immediately after the Whip and Notched Whip on the texture sheet, revealing another possible type of whip or whip-like weapon. Possibly a Cat 'o Nine Tails.
  • The identity of the third weapon is also unknown, but it is a Talisman, appearing with the other talismans on the texture sheet. It may be the "Gwynevere's Talisman" mentioned below, but this is unable to be confirmed as Gwynevere's Talisman is without an icon when illegitimately added to the player's inventory.

As models:

Image Name
1M14cO6.png Unavailable

(Four Kings Sword)
jIY4UM9.png Unavailable

("Spiky Catch Pole")
ixKBdiB.png Unavailable

(Unknown Talisman)
PMWieC3.png Unavailable

(Prototype Chester's
Black Zweihander)
  • The above weapons only exists as models. They do not have an accompanying moveset, stats, or information as they are incomplete items. The Four Kings Sword and Unknown Talisman have accompanying icons for the equipment menu, but the others do not.
  • The black Zweihander belonged to the prototype version of Chester. It can be found amongst the weapons by Artorius' grave.

As text:

Name Item Description
Gwynevere's Talisman Dragon Talismans
  • This very incomplete item is comprised of a title and an oddly placed item description that only says "Dragon Talismans". (video demonstration)


Completed and functional armor:

Image Name Item Description
TIlZynJ.png Elite Cleric Helm Helm worn by the warrior clerics of the Way of White, who are famous for being unyielding in battle.

Among such helms, those that were black belonged to warrior clerics sent on missions, many of whom were high-level priests.
HR5qCzG.png Elite Cleric Armor Armor worn by the warrior clerics of the Way of White, who are famous for being unyielding in battle.

Among such helms, those that were black belonged to warrior clerics sent on missions, many of whom were high-level priests.
eahA04u.png Elite Cleric Gauntlets Gauntlets worn by the warrior clerics of the Way of White, who are famous for being unyielding in battle.

Among such helms, those that were black belonged to warrior clerics sent on missions, many of whom were high-level priests.
pxKLfdq.png Elite Cleric Leggings Leggings worn by the warrior clerics of the Way of White, who are famous for being unyielding in battle.

Among such helms, those that were black belonged to warrior clerics sent on missions, many of whom were high-level priests.
nqGh5I8.png Mage Smith Hat Hat worn by proper mage smiths who studied at Vinheim Dragon School.

Mage smiths learn their craft alongside sorcerers, but apply their sorcery to forging weapons with magic embers.
ALGbfjf.png Mage Smith Coat Coat worn by proper mage smiths who studied at Vinheim Dragon School.

Mage smiths learn their craft alongside sorcerers, but apply their sorcery to forging weapons with magic embers.
ZovyVg0.png Mage Smith Gauntlets Gauntlets worn by proper mage smiths who studied at Vinheim Dragon School.

Mage smiths learn their craft alongside sorcerers, but apply their sorcery to forging weapons with magic embers.
wJRPi2t.png Mage Smith Boots Boots worn by proper mage smiths who studied at Vinheim Dragon School.

Mage smiths learn their craft alongside sorcerers, but apply their sorcery to forging weapons with magic embers.

Incomplete armor:

Undead King Jar Eel's Armor Set Bear Armor Set
yXIMK9p.png UR9C4rA.png
VxjTYFE.jpg iKjSHxd.jpg
  • Unofficially titled as "Undead King Jar Eel's Armor Set" and "Bear Armor Set", these armor sets only exist as models/ meshes and do not have accompanying item descriptions and stats. The Bear Armor can be seen in the Dark Souls: Design Works concept art.


Name Item Description
Escape Death
Lost miracle, foreign to the Way of White. While active, no losses incurred upon death.

The Way of White recognizes death itself, but admonishes the Undead. It is for this very reason that this miracle was lost.
Image: OMF6ycO.png
  • Miracle with effect identical to Ring of Sacrifice. While the miracle is active, the player won't lose souls or humanity upon dying. (video demonstration)
  • Similar to the Ring of Sacrifice, a unique text display appears when you die. Instead of saying "Ring Revived", it says "Magic Revived".

Unused Bosses & Enemies

Undead King Jar Eel

  • Undead King Jar Eel is an unused boss, likely to have been placed in New Londo Ruins as a high-ranking Darkwraith.
  • The player would need to defeat this boss, as a trial, in order to obtain the Key to the Seal from Ingward (in addition to obtaining the Lordvessel).
    This is corroborated by the model's filename "New_Londo_Boss", and cut dialog from Ingward.
  • His Armor Set was meant to be available to the player.
    • Video demonstration of animations here (1:10:42), and here

Alternate Bed of Chaos

  • An alternate version of the Bed of Chaos that has a darker color scheme and insect-like wings on its back.
  • The animations suggest a mobile version of the boss that would've crawled around, jumped, and attacked the player, as opposed to the "puzzle" version of the fight that wound up in-game.
    • Larger images here
    • Video demonstration of animations here (0:42:38)


  • A Hollow that is believed by some to be in a transitional stage of becoming a Cragspider, though this is unconfirmed. A very similar enemy design can be found in the Dark Souls 2 concept art.
    • Additional images here and here
    • Video demonstration of animations here (1:53:04), and here

"Brain Bug"

  • Nicknamed the "Brain Bug" based on its similar appearance to the Brain Bug of Starship Troopers.
    • Additional images here
    • Video demonstration of model here (2:49:15)

Demon's Souls Crystal Lizard


Alternative Blue Hellkite Dragon

  • Same Hellkite Mesh as the red one, but with a different Blue Texture. Distinct from the Drake model, although similar.
  • The Mesh contains a separate Blue Tail, hinting that it would be possible to obtain a weapon from it.
  • The head portion can be found in-game, mounted on a wall in Anor Londo.

Unknown 1

  • A large unknown enemy, similar to the size of a giant. Name and intended placement unknown.
  • Without UVs, and a texture similar to the unused Bear Armor that does not appear to match the mesh.

Unused NPCs & Prototype Enemies

Young Witch Beatrice

  • Witch Beatrice as a child.
    • Larger images here
    • Her Staff texture refers to a Wand instead of a Catalyst.
    • Video demonstration of animations here (2:40:20)

Prototype Chester

  • A prototype version of Chester wielding the black Zweihander seen above.
  • There are two different prototypes with a different color scheme in the armor, as seen in the second and third pictures above.

Prototype Kalameet

  • A prototype version of Kalameet. Differences include general body-proportion changes, less detail, more toes, and different eye color.
  • Comparisons between the prototype and final version can be seen here.

Alternative Vamos

  • Interestingly, he wears his Royal Helm, which he does not in-game.
  • He also possesses a Spider Shield, a Pickaxe, a Greataxe and his Hammer
  • His body Texture is low-resolution like a lot of cut / unused content material.

Other Unknown Material

Unused Dragon Head

  • This Dragon Head fits onto the human player mesh like any Helm or Dragon Head.
  • Its design is derived from the Dragon God of Demon's Souls.
  • Possibly the lowest resolution Texture for any of the unused content.

Elevator Platform Model

  • An unknown lift with stylized banisters.
  • A found texture for the lever reveals a rusty look with a grassy or mossy stain on it. There are few places in the game where such a texture would be appropriate, suggesting that the Royal Wood may be a likely candidate for where it would have been placed.


  • A rowboat, including textures.
  • It's function and location is unknown.

Cut Dialog

All dialogue text is © From Software Inc.

All of the unused dialog was found in the game data of the original Dark Souls release, asides from Artorias, whose dialog appeared in the Prepare to Die Edition.

Oscar Knight of Astora


  • From the initial encounter:
    • Oh, you… You're no Hollow, eh? …Thank goodness… …I'm done for, I'm afraid… …My insides are damaged… …I'll die soon, then lose my sanity… …I can feel it coming… …I wish to ask something of you… …You are a godsend, to come at this moment… …Hah hah… …You and I, we're both Undead… Hear me out, will you?
    • …hng…hng… …Thank you for hearing me out… Now I can die with hope in my heart…
    • The key is there… …Please, come quickly… …It is your fate…
  • Dialogue from an unused storyline. It appears that you would meet Oscar outside of the Asylum, perhaps initially at the Firelink Shrine:
    • A pleasure to meet you. Sage Frampt has spoken to me about you. I am Oscar of Astora. I wish to thank you for ringing the Bell of Awakening. I have received the word of Sage Frampt. I will be fine. You ought to focus on yourself. May we each fulfil our respective purposes!
    • A pleasure to meet you. Sage Frampt has spoken to me about you. I am Oscar of Astora. I am told that you rang the Bell of Awakening, and received the word of Frampt. That is a wonderful thing. We are all counting on you. I only wish that I had such a purpose.
    • I am preparing to leave. I will follow Sage Frampt's instructions, and will seek Anor Londo by way of Sen's Fortress. I hope that we meet again somewhere, one day.
    • I am preparing to leave. I cannot just stay here. I must find my own purpose. I hope that we meet again somewhere, one day.
  • Continuing the unused storyline, Oscar would meet the player by the Darkroot Forest and offer assistance:
    • Well, how long has it been? Glad to see you safe. You must be the same as I; in search of the grave of Sir Artorias. But, be careful. This forest is the territory of a fierce band of thieves. They assault any and all who seek the graves…. What if we were to join forces? How about that? If we worked together, we may escape the bandits. Does that appeal to you?
    • Very well. Let us keep our wits about us. One can always do with another pair of eyes…
    • Yes, I see… No matter. May we meet again. I pray for your success.
    • Things appear to have settled. I was right to partner with you. Thank you. We don't need to band together any more. I will have a short rest here. Feel free to go on ahead….
  • Ultimately, Oscar would become an antagonist near the end of the game, choosing to follow the opposite path from the primordial serpent the player confides in:
    • So, it was you… I had a feeling… I shall destroy you, as fate has commanded me… Foolish pawn of Darkstalker Kaathe… And fiendish Dark Lord…… I have waited for thee……
    • Foolish slave of the Gods, and pawn of Frampt…… I will kill you…… And become the true Dark Lord…

Shiva of the East


  • Shiva has a cut storyline where he seeks the "Chaos Blade", and will betray the player for it:
    • Have you heard of Chaos Blade? The legendary sword of the ancient Undead master Makoto, its blade a swirling vortex. I heard it's somewhere around here, but I can't find it. …It's all I could ever wish for… …I'd do anything to have it..
    • Why, look at you! Just wait will you! Your sword! Is it not… the Chaos Blade…? I've been searching for her for ages! …I beg of you, and I promise repay you… Will you give the sword to me?
    • …Yes, quite alright, I cannot blame you. The blade is yours, after all.
    • Excellent! Much gratitude! As promised, this is for you. Go ahead, take it.
    • Ahh, splendid, the Chaos Blade… Look into the vortex… Wonderful… Simply wonderful… Oh my, oh my… But the sword's true value…hmm… Can't be known without a good killing… …So, I will do the honourable thing… …And kill you for it…
    • Don't you run away! Be still you rat! Taste my blade, taste it, you devil! Hee hee! Hee, hee hee hee!
    • This is what you get for crossing me. Have a look at my sword, for it's the last thing you'll see!
    • Red…the colour of blood… Hee hee…hee…
    • By the devils… You won't be able to run far enough…
    • What a wonderful specimen… Like slicing through butter… Hee, hee, nee hee hee!
    • Your ambitions have sealed your fate. But, who'd have thought I'd be the traitor? Sometimes you never know, do you… Keh heh heh heh!

Quelaag or a Daughter of Chaos


  • It is not totally clear who is speaking. It is probably Queelag, assuming she would speak about herself in third person. If not, it may be another Daughter of Chaos partnered with her in Queelag's domain:
    • Go back. Forbidden be, these parts. The realm of the creatures of chaos. They accept their banished fate.
    • Go back. Lest the flames devour all, and the children of chaos feed upon your charred ashes. Those who defy the pact… Those who trespass Quelaag's domain… May you feel the depth of our wrath!
    • Ahh, a precious new sacrifice! Forbidden be, these parts. The realm of the creatures of chaos.
    • Go on, go on ahead…
    • Welcome, bringer of meat. The children of chaos are hungry; give yourself to Quelaag's flame!



  • An alternate introduction that differs very slightly from what was used in-game (different inflection, doesn't say "except for ghosts"):
    • Well, this is a surprise. I don't get many visitors, except ghosts.
  • A longer response to when the player talks to Ingward after obtaining the Lordvessel. Another boss or miniboss was intended for New Londo Ruins, likely the Undead King Jar Eel, acting as a sort of captain or general of the Darkwraiths:
    • Oh, hello. You've acquired the Lordvessel, have you? Very impressive. I know exactly what your intentions are. You seek the Four Kings whom I guard over. And yes, I do have the key to the seal. But before I give it up, there is something I must ask. Do you see the great hall that stands before you? Atop it, you will find a Darkwraith, a servant of the Four Kings. Show me that you can defeat it. As guardian of the seal, it behoves me to test your strength. For if you cannot defeat the Darkwraith, you will be no match for the Four Kings. Even if Frampt has chosen you. Even if you are the bearer of the Lordvessel.
    • You, you have defeated the Darkwraith! Very good, indeed. I can certainly trust you.

Crestfallen Merchant


  • There is audio of the Crestfallen Merchant going hollow. He attempts to keep his focus by counting numbers, but fails:
    • ….. Hrrg… …Rrgggg… …Rrrrrgggg… …Hrrrggaaaagghhh…
    • Think! think!… remember, remember!
    • Remember… count… count, yeah… count!
    • Counts number one… one, two, three, fff… four, fff..ffive, fivesix, seven!
    • Count! Arghh.. Hrmmm!! … why can't you… Hrrgggggggg!!

Knight Lautrec of Carim


  • Various unused dialog includes Lautrec commenting on the player's voice (instead of their "face"), further pleading to be rescued, and alternate responses to being attacked:
    • By the Lords… Your voice… Hmmm… Your humanity is really slipping…
    • I entreat you. Have pity on this powerless knight. Surely you can imagine the depth of such dejection?
    • You won't let me be? Then I have no choice! You will regret this! How dare you insult Lautrec the Embraced! May the Goddess have Mercy upon you.
    • Why, you… How far will you come? !…Please, leave me alone…
    • What have I done to you? …Please, I beg of you… Tsk!

Anastacia of Astora


  • There are 17 different samples of her going "mmm", "ugghh", or similar. Some make it sound like she's trying to speak but is unable to, others sound like she is in pain.
  • There is also one word spoken that sounds like "veritas".
  • There are no accompanying text captions for these samples in the text dump, only audio from the audio files.

Knight Artorias


  • Various unused dialog:
    • Whatever thou art, stay away.
    • Soon, I will be consumed.
    • Thou are strong, human
    • Surely thine kind are more than pure dark
    • I beg of thee, the spread of the abyss, must be stopped.
    • Ah, Sif, there you are cough All of you, forgive me.
    • For I have availed you nothing.
  • Various SFX of anguish, grunts, and coughing (Two anguish moans and one grunt were used. One while he buffs up, second after the buff and the third for his death cry)

Quelaag's Sister


  • Various unused dialog:
    • Don't worry for me… I care only to assist you…
    • There must be something I can do?
    • Your visits help more than anything…
    • It feels… wonderful. It really helps, it does…
    • Ahh….Thank you… Dear sister. It hurts no longer…

Solaire of Astora


  • Various unused dialog:
    • And there we are… Now you need only pray at the Altar of Sunlight… in Anor Londo.
    • You have praying to do… At the Shrine of Sunlight in Anor Londo.
    • I did not find my own sun, not even in Anor Londo.

Unused Text Prompts


  • She is as still as a corpse
  • Extinguish fire
  • Seal of the Great Lord was broken
  • Cannot use bonfire while phantom is present
  • Befriend?… What is your decision?… How do you answer?
  • Try invading world of the traitor Shiva?
  • Gravelord Servant has challenged area boss… Returning to your world…
  • You have acquired humanity and are no longer Hollow

Hidden Developer Messages (orange messages that would have appeared when casting Seek Guidance)

  • Try Light
  • Try lightning
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