Also known as Drift Items. Vagrants are rare monsters that appear in specific places after other players have died and lost a large amount of humanity, or have dropped certain items. As such, they will only spawn during online play. They are typically created unintentionally and randomly by other players online.

From the Online Features section of the game manual:

If you drop a certain item or lose a large amount of Humanity,
those items and Humanity move to another player's world and
form Vagrant enemies.

General Information

Image Type Drops Souls (NG) HP
evil-vagrant-white.jpg Evil Vagrant (White) Humanity x1 100 104 - 398
evil-vagrant-red.jpg Evil Vagrant (Red) Twin Humanities x1 100 104 - 398
good-vagrant-white.jpg Good Vagrant (White) Charcoal Pine Resin
Dung Pie
Green Titanite Shard
Repair Powder
Large Soul of a Lost Undead
Soul of a Nameless Soldier
Transient Curse
Purple Moss Clump
Prism Stone x2
100 87 - 334
good-vagrant-red.jpg Good Vagrant (Red) Divine Blessing
Gold Pine Resin
Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier
Purging Stone
Copper Coin
Silver Coin
Gold Coin
Red Titanite Chunk
100 87 - 334
Evil Vagrant
  • The Good Vagrants look like an egg with legs, and will flee from the player and disappear just like Crystal Lizards.
  • Evil Vagrants have pincers, making them look similar to a small crab. The evil Vagrants will stay and attack the player. They have a weak melee attack, but also a dangerous projectile attack (vaguely resembling a Homing Soulmass) that will sometimes kill players in one hit.
  • Both Vagrant types are easy to kill as they have low defense and HP. Avoiding the evil Vagrants' projectile attacks or finding the good Vagrants before they flee and disappear are the only real challenges presented in defeating them.
  • Documentation of the Good Vagrants' drops has been rare, so their lists are not assumed to be complete.
  • The red versions of the vagrants are sometimes referred to in the community as "black phantom" vagrants. Unlike their counterparts, they dissolve when they die instead of leaving a corpse.

Spawning Vagrants

Evil Vagrants

  • Evil Vagrants are the result of a large amount of unretrieved humanity being lost. For example, if a bloodstain containing 99 soft-humanity isn't picked up by a player before they die, it has a chance of creating and sending an Evil Vagrant to another player's world.
  • The minimum amount of lost humanity required to spawn an Evil Vagrant is not determined.1 It only works with bloodstains containing soft humanity, not dropped humanity in item-form.
  • It is possible for players to create an Evil Vagrant for themselves, but it is not always reliable and relies somewhat on random chance. If a player intentionally suicides to lose humanity repeatedly, the more vagrants they will spawn in other players' worlds. If one of those recipients doesn't find or kill the Vagrant, and they likewise abandon it, the Vagrant is then sent out to another random person's world. With some luck, the original person who created it might get one returned to them this way. The odds of this happening after losing a single stockpile of humanity are low, so anyone intending to self-spawn a Vagrant should repeatedly abandon many stockpiles of humanity.
  • Vagrants only spawn after a player reloads an area (like dying). So if a player is unsuccessful in attempting to self-spawn a Vagrant, they should continue to suicide multiple times, periodically, even after running out of humanity. This is because you never know when another random player online finally targets you with one, and the area needs to be reloaded after that happens to actually spawn it.

Good Vagrants & Drift Item Bags

  • Good Vagrants are the result of certain items being dropped and abandoned. An abandoned item has a chance of being sent to another player's world as a "Drift Item bag". If the drift item bag isn't found by another player, it can eventually turn into a Good Vagrant after being passed around a certain number of times.
  • Proper methods for abandoning an item includes anything that causes an area to unload and reload (dying, homeward, dark sign, or even traveling far enough away and retuning).
  • Drift Item bags are known to be fairly rare, which can sometimes be found inexplicably in a player's world often containing a Prism Stone, Rubbish, or Lloyd's Talisman. They appear as a normal dropped-item icon, and are only distinguishable if the player is certain they or another phantom didn't drop an item directly in their world. They should also not be confused with items that are "auto dropped", which are items that appear on the ground automatically after a player receives an item they already have the max amount of possible in their inventory.
  • If you find a Drift Item bag and would like to contribute to a higher frequency of vagrants for the online community, DO NOT pick it up. Picking up a Drift Item bag is intercepting an object that could have otherwise turned into a Vagrant.
  • Players can attempt to spawn Good Vagrants for themselves by dropping 1 of an item capable of creating a Drift Item bag and then suiciding, and then doing this over and over. The idea is to spam connected worlds with Drift Item bags, increasing the chances that other players will send back some of the Drift Item bags you're creating if they don't find them and likewise abandon them. Picking an obscure or hidden corner to hide the abandoned item is recommended, as Drift Item bags appear for other players exactly where they were dropped. After a considerable amount of suicides (20 - 50+), the player should find a return Drift Item bag. DO NOT pick it up, it will ruin the process, and DO NOT drop additional items when one is found, it may interrupt the process. The idea is to send these bags out enough times so that it will eventually turn into a Good Vagrant for a random player, who can sometimes happen to be the player who originally dropped it. In testing sessions so far, as few as 30 total suicides has managed to self-spawn a Good Vagrant, but also requiring as many as 100+ at other times. The most typical range has been around 65-80 total suicides before one shows up, though the amount of online activity (and the randomness of online connetcions) will affect this.
  • Drift Item bags do not contain the item that was dropped by the other player online. For the items that do have the ability to spawn a Drift Item bag, they go through a sort of metamorphosis process where they typically downgrade to a cheap/ useless item as a Drift Item bag. Once a Good Vagrant actually forms from the Drift Item bag, it will drop something better than what the drift bag contained.
  • Like Vagrants, Drift Item bags do not spawn spontaneously. After a player is targeted and sent an item, it only appears when the player reloads the area (dying, or leaving and returning). They will always be found "waiting" for the player.
  • The following items are confirmed to create Drift Item bags, which in turn should all be viable items for creating Good Vagrants:
Item Dropped Results in a Drift Item Bag Carrying
Purging Stone Lloyd's Talisman
Souvenir of Reprisal Lloyd's Talisman
Transient Curse Lloyd's Talisman
Humanity (item) Lloyd's Talisman
Twin Humanities Lloyd's Talisman
Copper Coin Rubbish
Eye of Death Rubbish
Gold Coin Rubbish
Gold Pine Resin Rubbish
Silver Coin Rubbish
Sunlight Medal Rubbish
Reinforced Unique Gear (+3 and up) Rubbish
Divine Blessing Prism Stone
Fire Keeper Soul Prism Stone
Pendant Prism Stone
Various Rings2 Prism Stone
Titanite Slab Titanite Shard
Blue Titanite Slab Titanite Shard
Red Titanite Slab Titanite Shard
White Titanite Slab Titanite Shard
Upgraded Non-Unique Gear3 Titanite Shard
Soul of a Brave Warrior Soul of a Lost Undead
Large Soul of a Brave Warrior Soul of a Lost Undead
Soul of a Hero Large Soul of a Lost Undead
Soul of a Great Hero Large Soul of a Lost Undead

Red/ Black Phantoms

It's believed that by default, all Vagrants initially spawn as their white, non-phantom versions. If they survive for a long enough time and their current world-host abandons and loses it, the next recipient will wind up with the red version.4

Confirmed Vagrant Locations

Vagrants spawn in a variety of pre-determined locations, similar to invader spawn locations.

Area Type Location Documentation
Undead Burg Evil Upper Undead Burg, on top of the tower by the Taurus Demon, by the two Undead Soldier archers Photo
Undead Burg Good Upper Undead Burg, on top of the small tower by the crossbow-wielding Undead Soldier Photo 1, 2
Undead Burg Evil Lower Undead Burg, in one of the Undead Assassin rooms Photo
Undead Parish Evil Outside terrace by the Sunlight Altar Photo 1, 2
Undead Parish Evil Near the Heavy Knight and Fire Keeper Soul, inside the church Photo 1, 2, Video
Undead Parish Good Outside the church, in the corner to the left of the crossbow Armored Hollow Photo 1, 2
Darkroot Garden Evil On the cliff by the Giant Stone Knight, near the Wolf Ring Photo 1, 2, 3
Darkroot Garden Evil Inside the Forest area, on a cliff ledge before the bridge to Sif Photo 1, 2
Darkroot Garden Good By the cliff where the group of Frog-Rays jump out Photo
Darkroot Garden Good Inside the Forest area, on the bridge after Alvina Photo 1, 2, 3
Darkroot Basin Evil By the waterfall near the Hydra Photo 1, 2
Darkroot Basin Good At the base of the slope, underneath the Hunter's Armor Set Photo
Depths Evil Behind the iron bars where the Basilisk runs by Photo, Video
Depths Evil Inside the room with Laurentius Photo
Blighttown Evil On the wooden structure, near the Parasitic Wall Hugger (by the highest sewer-tunnel entrance) Photo
Blighttown Evil In the swamp, opposite end from the drainpipe containing the bonfire (near the Pyromancer Set) Photo 1, 2
The Great Hollow Evil At the base of the Great Hollow, by the Mushrooms Photo 1, 2
Ash Lake Evil Near the Everlasting Dragon Photo
Sen's Fortress Evil Near the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring, in the area behind the breakable wall Photo 1, 2
Sen's Fortress Evil In the tar pit by the last Titanite Demon Video
Sen's Fortress Evil On the dead end path behind the Rapier-wielding Balder Knight Photo
Sen's Fortress Good At the bottom of the tower with the Crestfallen Merchant Photo
Anor Londo Evil On the flying buttress leading to the Silver Knight archers Photo 1, 2
Anor Londo Evil Upstairs in the main hall, near the broken window leading to the Dragonslayer Greatbow Photo 1, 2
Anor Londo Evil In the catwalk area of the painting room, on the base of the Gwynevere statue Photo, Video
Anor Londo Good Behind the bottom of the corkscrew elevator, underneath the spiral staircase Photo
Anor Londo Good In a corner of the room containing the three Silver Knights that block Siegmeyer Video
Painted World of Ariamis Evil In the cellar with the Wheel Skeletons Photo, Video
Painted World of Ariamis Evil In the small, empty courtyard with the drop-down path. Near the Snow Rats Photo 1, 2
Painted World of Ariamis Good In the courtyard behind the well Photo, Video
New Londo Ruins Evil Behind the base of the staircase near the first two Ghosts in the level Photo 1, 2
New Londo Ruins Evil By the Witch Beatrice summon sign Photo 1, 2
New Londo Ruins Evil On the roof of the Ghost House, near Ingward Photo
New Londo Ruins Good Ground level of the first Ghost House, in one of the small wooden-structure rooms Video
New Londo Ruins Good To the right of the bridge leading to the Four Kings fog gate Video
The Duke's Archives Evil On top of the bookcase opposite of the bookcase with the Crystal Hollow archer, near the bonfire Photo 1, 2
The Duke's Archives Evil At the base of the staircase near the bonfire Photo 1, 2
Crystal Cave Evil On the branching dead-end path of the invisible bridge leading to the Blue Titanite Slab Photo, Video
Demon Ruins Evil At the bottom of the spiral path leading into the lava-drainable area Video
Demon Ruins Good At the bottom of the spiral path leading into the lava-drainable area Photo
Demon Ruins Evil On the protruding platform with the multiple Capra Demons Photo 1, 2
Demon Ruins Evil By the shortcut elevator to Quelaag's Domain, overlooking the Firesage Demon room Photo
Lost Izalith Evil Atop the structure above the corridor containing the many Demonic Statues. Next to Rare Ring of Sacrifice Photo 1, 2
Lost Izalith Good By the chest inside the temple in the lava area Video
Undead Asylum Evil On the upper level by the hollows, outside the Asylum Demon's fog gate Photo, Video
Undead Asylum Good On the upper level after the door to the Rusted Iron Ring Photo
Catacombs Evil Near the Titanite Demon in the long hallway Photo 1, 2
Catacombs Evil After the first rotating bridge, drop into the first room of the breakable-floor path to the right Video 1, 2
Tomb of the Giants Evil On a ledge near the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring Video
Tomb of the Giants Evil In the pit that Patches knocks you into Photo 1, 2
Tomb of the Giants Good In the watery area with the respawning skeleton babies Photo
Kiln of the First Flame Evil To the left of the pillar before the third Black Knight Photo 1, 2, 3
Royal Wood Evil Across from the first shortcut tower after the sanctuary bonfire, on a small overhang across the chasm Photo 1, 2, Video
Oolacile Township Evil Next to the Bloathead Sorcerer at the end of the long, narrow wooden bridge Photo, Video
Chasm of the Abyss Evil Behind the Bloathead Sorcerer overlooking the large group of Humanity Phantoms Video

Reported Locations without Documentation

Undead Asylum

  • On the boulder staircase.
    Type: Good

Undead Burg and Undead Parish

  • Jump down to the left after entering the Undead Burg. Then enter the right building.
    Type: Good
  • Wooden roof that has three Firebomb Armored Hollows
    Type: Good
  • Before Capra Demon, in one of the Undead Assassin’s rooms
    Type: Good
  • In Lower Undead Burg, in the large open area after going down the stairs
    Type: Evil
  • Just before the first Fog Gate
    Type: Good
  • Just after the first Fog Gate
    Type: Evil

Darkroot Garden and Darkroot Basin

  • In a straight line down from Havel's chamber, on the path towards the Hydra
    Type: Good
  • Base of the waterfall near the Hydra
    Type: Good

New Londo Ruins

  • After the first landing bridge, in the small room of the annex
    Type: Good
  • After the first Fog Wall of the lower area after draining
    Type: Good
  • Pass the giant door of the valley of drakes , before the first Darkwraith
    Type: Evil


  • Jump down from the group of Infested Barbarians
    Type: Good
  • Opposite the area that you first land when you reach the swamp
    Type: Good


  • Narrow corridor, before the checkpoint Fog Gate
    Type: Good
  • Two levels higher from the Gaping Dragon boss fog, on the terrace
    Type: Good

Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith

Sen's Fortress

  • On the roof that you reach using the secret ladder where the Giant is
    Type: Good
  • The second boulder slope, near where the Serpent Mage is
    Type: Good

Painted World of Ariamis

  • North-East building, jump down from the platform with the bow-wielding Hollow
    Type: Good

The Duke's Archives

  • Walking out from the bonfire, on the stairs near the two Hollow Crystal Soldiers.
    Type: Evil
  • Walking on top of the bookshelf to the right of the bonfire, facing the stairs.
    Type: Evil


  • Just outside the door Vamos creates with his hammer
    Type: Red, Good

Tomb of the Giants

  • On the cliff near the start of area
    Type: Good

The Great Hollow

  • Just outside of the hollow area in the center of the tree, below the Cloranthy Ring
    Type: Good
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