Blacksmith Vamos


A skeletal blacksmith residing in the Catacombs. Specialized in fire enchantments.


The Catacombs
At the end of the spiral staircase near the fourth Necromancer (who's guarding a switch), look below. You'll see an item glow, a Green Titanite Shard, on a corpse below. Drop down to it (don't roll, as you may overshoot and slip further down below and the fall damage might kill you). From the corpse, drop down to the broken wooden plank below, then enter the hole. After the cutscene, you can access Vamos' room from the Skeleton Wheel area.



Item Soul Cost
Homeward Bone 500
Titanite Shard 800
Weapon Smithbox x1 2,000
Armor Smithbox x1 2,000
Repairbox x1 2,000
Standard Arrow 10
Large Arrow 50
Wooden Arrow 3
Standard Bolt 30
Heavy Bolt 100
Wood Bolt 10


Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 945 1,000
NG+ 1,916 4,000
NG+6 2,395 5,000



  • If you answer "No" when he asks for any ember, he will keep asking the player the next time you start a conversation with him.
  • Be careful fighting the Bonewheel Skeletons in the area outside, they can come inside Vamos' room and kill him.
  • This NPC has unused dialogue lines.


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