Vince and Nico of Thorolund
vince of thorolund
nico of thorolund


Vince and Nico were Lady Rhea's schoolmates during their early days in Thorolund. Now they, along with Petrus, are her guardians in her Undead pilgrimage to find the Rite of Kindling.


  1. Firelink Shrine
    They will appear with Rhea in Petrus' area of Firelink Shrine after the Bell Gargoyles are defeated in the Undead Parish, or the Capra Demon is defeated in the Lower Under Burg, whichever occurs first. Rhea, Nico, and Vince will leave Firelink Shrine if you exhaust all their dialogues then leave the area. If you don’t exhaust all their unique dialogues, they will stay in Firelink Shrine until you beat Pinwheel in the Catacombs.
  2. Tomb of the Giants
    You can find Rhea of Thorolund in the pit that Patches pushes you into. Talk to her, and she’ll tell you that Vince and Nico have gone Hollow. Walk a short distance away from her, and you’ll confront them both. After you kill them, speak to Rhea once more to gain the Replenishment Miracle.


Killing their hollowed form in Tomb of the Giants is necessary to access Rhea of Thorolund's services.



Firelink Shrine

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 638 1,000
NG+ 1,045 2,000
NG+6 1,307 2,500

Tomb of the Giants

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 820 1,000
NG+ 1,346 2,000
NG+6 1,683 2,500


Firelink Shrine

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 682 1,000
NG+ 1,118 2,000
NG+6 1,398 2,500

Tomb of the Giants

Playthrough HP Souls
New Game 970 1,000
NG+ 1,590 2,000
NG+6 1,988 2,500




Should Petrus die before Rhea, Vince, and Nico arrive at the Firelink Shrine, the latter two will be hostile to the player. Requesting an absolution will not reset their hostility.


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