Wanderers are another good all-round class, but with a focus on speed and evading, rather than high defense. Their vitality is relatively low, so getting hit is a bad idea. The scimitar is a very useful starting weapon due to the classes high dexterity, its high attack speed and the large radius of its attacks. Close the distance quickly and use fast combos to take out enemies before they can attack. Fighting at range with a bow is an option, as well as spells thanks to their fairly high attunement and intelligence stats.

Preferable use

  • High dexterity stat
  • Light armor class that may need more skill than some other classes
  • Fast attacks are good against poise less enemies
  • Mostly melee, but has enough stats for sorcery or pyromancy use
  • Skill recommendation: 5/10

Starting Equipment

Starting Stats

Level Vitality Attunement Endurance Strength Dexterity Resistance Intelligence Faith Humanity
3 10 11 10 10 14 12 11 8 0

Wanderer max level is 709

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