Warrior of Sunlight


The Warrior of Sunlight are the followers of the firstborn of the Great Lord Gwyn. They harness the power of sunlight, manifested as lightning powers.


This covenant is mostly for co-op purposes, with an additional focus on attack Miracles (contrast the Princess's Guard). Joining this covenant allows the player to be summoned as a Gold Phantom for cooperative play. Joining and ranking up will give the player access to several offensive miracles. Higher priority matchmaking on the network also facilitates a higher success rate of co-op summons.


25 Faith is required for joining. The requirement, however, can be lowered by 5 for each area boss cleared while you are a [[[phantoms|white phantom]].

For example, if 4 bosses die while you are a white phantom, you only need 5 Faith (25 - (4*5)) to join the Warrior of Sunlight.

How to Join

Pray at the Altar of Sunlight, which is located next to the bonfire below the Hellkite Dragon in the Undead Parish.


Covenant Level

Exchange Sunlight Medals at the Altar of Sunlight to level up in the covenant.

Level Medals Reward
+0 0 Lightning Spear, Praise the Sun gesture
+1 10 Great Lightning Spear, can offer Soul of Gwyn for Sunlight Spear
+2 30 Nothing
+3 80 Nothing

Betrayal Penalties


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