Way of White


Way of White are the followers of Great Lord Gwyn, and seek to kindle bonfires in order to sustain the power of the gods.


This covenant is designed for new players, as joining this covenant is really easy (becomes available upon arrival to Firelink Shrine), and members are drawn closer to each other on the network, which results in a lower chance of invasions and an increased chance of co-op. The Knight and Cleric classes are pre-aligned to this covenant.


Petrus of Thorolund or Rhea of Thorolund is still alive and not hostile

How to Join

Talk to Petrus of Thorolund in Firelink Shrine


Talk to Rhea of Thorolund in front of the altar in Undead Parish after she has been rescued her from Tomb of the Giants


  • Immediate access to Petrus of Thorolund's merchant/trainer services at the beginning of the game
  • Members have a higher priority connecting online with players in co-op covenants (Way of White, Warrior of Sunlight, and Princess's Guard) on the network, which reduces the risk of invasions, as the connection slot is used for co-op instead of invasion

* For new players, this means relative safety from invasions when travelling earlier areas (Undead Burg, Undead Parish, etc) while still be able to enjoy co-op play

Covenant Level

There are no levels in this covenant

Betrayal Penalties

There are no betrayal penalties


  • Members can still get invaded if no co-op connection matches with the level requirement, and at least one invasion connection matches the requirement
  • Joining this covenant is not required to purchase Miracles from Petrus of Thorolund, he will sell Miracles to non-covenant members later on
  • After abandoning the covenant, the Miracles will remain available for purchase for the same prices
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